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The Student News Website of Susquehannock High School,   Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

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Isabel Roppelt Publishes Book


This is a screenshot of Isabel Roppelt’s book “Forget.” Screenshot Courtesy of Amazon

Senior Isabel Roppelt recently wrote and self-published her book, “Forget.”

Roppelt started writing Forget when she was 16 years old. Her mother also wrote and self-published books on Amazon, which helped drive her towards publicly publishing her book to Amazon at 18 years old this past December.

Roppelt wrote this thrilling 225-page book about a girl named Grace Cadell who has lost her will to live. Once tragedy intrusively makes its way into her home,  Cadell will do nearly anything to escape her grief. Incredibly desperate to find relief, she convinces her husband to go with her to Lethe, the mysterious ‘Island of Forgetfulness.’ Once they arrive, they are pushed far past their limits by a community of inhabitants, led by the Sisters. When Grace is finally offered peace, the question arises as to whether she will ever be able to accept the consequences.

Roppelt takes some inspiration from Stephen King and Shirley Jackson, as well as the movie “Midsomer.”

“The first 100 pages are getting to know the character and her hardships,” Roppelt said. “And then the second half is when it gets good. And that’s when, you know, it starts being horror.”

Isabel has always had a passion for writing and becoming an author.

“I always wanted to be an author since I was young,” Roppelt said. “I would always write stories and they progressively became more pages. I always liked the psychological factor while writing the books…”.

Roppelt gave excellent tips that anyone can use to write their stories or books.

“Believe in yourself,” Roppelt said. “There were times when I started giving up, but then I was kind of motivated to keep going…If you hit a pit and you don’t know what to do, just write a different story, and then go back to it. Or just let your mind wander and watch movies, that kind of stuff, to inspire you.”

Roppelt is a lover of all interesting ideas- supernatural or thought-provoking, and her book demonstrates that.

Roppelt’s dream is to have a sustainable career in media through both writing and directing films that are unique, heavily emotional, visually stunning and impactful.


This is a screenshot of the Amazon Layout of the new book.
Screenshot of “Forget” via Amazon

The book is available on Amazon and can be purchased for $15.92 for hardcover and $8.99 for paperback.

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  • P

    Patti McGeeMar 8, 2024 at 8:31 am

    I had the pleasure of reading “Forget” after being offered a copy to read. Isabel has a talent for using the English language to create vivid imagery of the setting, characters, and mood. The book is psychologically unsettling, verging on horror, and keeps you hooked until the end. I highly recommend ordering this book if you are a book enthusiast like myself. When Isabel becomes a New York Times Bestseller, you can proudly say that you read her first book while she was still in high school. Bravo, Isabel! #WarriorProud of you.