Homecoming Queen Virginia Good Keeps it Real

November 10, 2020

There is so much more than a tiara and a sash to homecoming queen Virginia Good. Good was surprised when she was chosen to be one the court. “The entire court thing really wasn't my thing, and...

Brown’s Manager Smiles with Stars

Photograph of Brown's Manager, Joe Doll, with his picture wall. 
Photograph via Elise Kineke
November 7, 2020

When wandering the back storage room of Brown’s Orchards, one will surely be surprised to meet dozens of celebrities gazing back at you. Taylor Swift, Matt LeBlanc, Rita Ora, and even Brad Pitt can...

Students Hit Up to 11,000 Steps with One-way Hallways

November 3, 2020

With COVID-19 still on the loose,  one key physical change in the high school building is how the administration implemented one way hallways. The new hallways increase the time to get from class to...

Researchers Work to Develop COVID-19 Vaccine

Researchers Work to Develop COVID-19 Vaccine
October 23, 2020

 Researchers are in the midst of developing a COVID-19 vaccine that could resolve the pandemic once and for all. Trials for the vaccine are in progress across the globe, and hundreds of pharmaceutical...

How COVID-19 Impacted Small Businesses

One of Hannah Groft's stickers. Courtesy of @bit_of_hannah on Instagram
October 20, 2020

Small businesses suffered financial and social damages due to the COVID-19 pandemic. General Manager of Brown's Orchards and Farmers Market, Joe Doll, explains her business's toughest task when dealing...

The Importance of Wearing a Mask Properly

A lab technician holds a COVID-19 sample, preparing to test it. Photograph by Jean-Francois Badias
October 20, 2020

Across the globe, people are refusing to wear masks correctly, putting hundreds of lives at risk. Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in March, masks have become the new normal, but are ineffective...

Meet the 2020 Homecoming Court

October 15, 2020

While school spirit wasn't heard campus wide and the dancing heeled feet of students didn't pummel the cafeteria floor, the homecoming court still competed this year, despite the cancellation of the dance...

Aevidum Releases First Newsletter

Aevidum Releases First Newsletter
October 9, 2020

Aevidum has released its first "SHS Aevidum Newsletter." It provides information about mental health awareness, tips and strategies for coping with the ongoing pandemic, tips to navigate hybrid learning,...

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