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The Student News Website of Susquehannock High School,   Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

SHS Courier

The Student News Website of Susquehannock High School,   Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

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Students Win National Merit Scholar Awards

Students Win National Merit Scholar Awards

By Izzy Ramirez, Reporter May 17, 2024

Susquehanock has never had three students get the National Merit Scholar Award, but this year the record was broken when seniors Ian Rosul, Robert Rosul and Aaron Walters each won one. To earn this...

Wiles gives a pep talk to his team in the closing minutes of the first half. Photograph by KC ONeill

Wiles Retires after 30 Years Teaching, Coaching

By Lachlan Gemmill-Edwards May 14, 2024

After 30 years of teaching, government teacher Steven Wiles has decided to retire, after making an impact through teaching government and history and coaching. Wiles coached football at Susquehannock...

Courier Chats with New Librarian

By Peyton Brenneman, Reporter May 13, 2024

Reporter Peyton Brenneman chats with new librarian Kate Daniels about her time at Susquehannock so far.

Alumnus Brian McCarthy to Speak as Distinguished Graduate

Alumnus Brian McCarthy to Speak as Distinguished Graduate

By Josie Witsik May 8, 2024

The senior class of 2024 better get excited. Alumni Brian McCarthy was chosen as the distinguished graduate to speak to the class on graduation. McCarthy graduated in 1998 and earned the Distinguished...

Photograph by JC. Lewis.

Students from the Euler Engineers Succeed in Competition

By Natalie Womack May 7, 2024

A team of engineering students placed first in the South Central PA Region SeAL challenge at Millersville on Thursday, April 18, 2024.  All three Susquehannock teams had very well-designed robots;...

Senior Lily Wojcik playing for U18 USA National Field Hockey Team in Belgium. Photography by Max Fulham

Wojcik Tours Europe with U.S. Junior National Field Hockey Team

By Danielle Lavery, Reporter May 7, 2024

With red, white and blue socks pulled up over shin guards alongside a glove and stick in her hands, the adrenaline rush hits as the whistle blows. Senior Lilly Wojcik has been playing field hockey since...

Civil engineer Jim Holley and science teacher Elizabeth Worley look over the results of the water filtration activity. Students were graded for the clarity of their water, the time it took for the water to be filtered, and the amount of materials used to construct the filter. Holley is also a member of the school board. Photograph by Lachlan Gemmill-Edwards

Special Guest Helps Test AP Students

By Lachlan Gemmill-Edwards May 3, 2024

On Thursday, April 18, 2024, students in AP Environmental Sciences finished their water filtration project. After days of planning students constructed and tested their water filters with materials provided...

EMT students were given the opportunity to play different roles: patients and EMTs. This activity allowed students to learn the difference of perspectives between the patients and EMTs. Taking part as an EMT, students retrieved materials and used best practice methods to extract the patient while using proper immobilization methods, including the use of a c-spine. Photograph Courtesy of Timothy Hare

EMT Students Extract New Skills

By Jenna Shumin, Reporter May 2, 2024


Junior Abby Foster engages in Zumba on April 12. Junior Taylor Blue was apprehensive about the Zumba activity prior to actually participating.“I honestly didnt really feel like doing it at first but once it started I had a lot of fun,” Blue said. “It seemed like people werent really participating at the beginning, but by the end everyone was having a lot of fun and looked like they were genuinely enjoying it,” Blue said. Photograph by Peyton Brenneman

Spanish Students Dance with Zumba

By Peyton Brenneman, Reporter May 2, 2024


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