Courier Chats with New Librarian

Courier Chats with New Librarian

Reporter Peyton Brenneman chats with new librarian Kate Daniels about her time at Susquehannock so far.


With inviting poetry activities hanging out front and inviting black-out poetry activities inside, new head librarian Kate Daniels has already made a cheerful impact on students in a memorable way.

Bringing different ideas from her old school York Academy, Daniels hopes to continue renewed student interest in the library. 

“Building the community of the school up is mandatory,” Daniels said. “ We want everyone to learn how to access the library’s resources, and be very flexible, focused, imaginative, open-minded, respectful, self-reliant, serious, and trusting about it.”

Daniels grew up always going to the library with her parents, instilling in her the desire to go there to have fun.

“When I went to school, I felt  like there was more potential for school libraries to do more,” Daniels said.

Now, Daniels has the chance to make this happen for today’s students and already has ideas on how to meet this challenge. 

“Each month I will create engaging and interactive displays for students,” Daniels said. “ I’m especially looking forward to creating a better fiction section with more graphic novels and manga. There will also be more activities in the library for students to participate in as well as a few field trips for anyone interested in career development, meeting authors, and just connecting with other high school students across York County.”


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