2020-2021 Staff

Emily Polanowski


Senior Emily Polanowski is the C0-Editor In Chief for the Courier staff this year. She finds article writing and video to be her favorite mediums. Outside of school, she enjoys working with the Susquehannock theater as a costum...

Alexa Viands

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Sophomore Alexa Viands is the Assistant Editor-in-Chief for the Courier and is a first-year reporter. Alexa is looking forward to writing many different styles of articles. She is involved in soccer, Penn State-Hershey PULSE,...

KC O’Neill

Photography Editor

Sophomore KC O'Neill is a returning reporter and the new photography editor for the Courier. KC is excited to work with the new staff members and editing photos. She is the varsity goalie for both field hockey and lacrosse. Outside...

Connor Gillespie

Sports Editor

Junior Connor Gillespie is a first year reporter serving as the sports editor for the upcoming school year. Connor is excited to learn how to be the best reporter and editor possible. He does not play any school sports currently,...

Mackenzie Womack

Sports Editor

Junior Mackenzie Womack is the Co-Editor in Chief for the Courier. She has been on the staff for the past three years. She is most excited about helping other people develop their writing skills. Outside of school, she enjoys h...

Abigail Foster

Source App Manager

Junior Abigail Foster is the Source App Manager for the Courier and is a first-year reporter. She is looking forward to being a news anchor and writing different styles of articles for the Courier. Abigail is involved in band,...

Ian Davis

Broadcast Manager

Sophomore Ian Davis is the Broadcast Manager for the Susquehannock Courier. He is actively involved in the many music ensembles. He is a part of Tri-M Music Honor Society. He is excited to continue to write stories and lead the...

Elise Kineke

Newscast Anchor and Reporter

Senior Elise Kineke is a first time reporter this year. She is excited to work with the Daily Newscast and on photography elements. Elise is involved with figure skating at York Ice Arena, and she speaks some Spanish and fluent...

Elaine Paulk

Reporter and Newscast Anchor

Freshman Elaine Paulk is a first year reporter on the Courier. Elaine hopes to master the basics of reporting and writing and eventually become an editor for the Courier. She is excited to learn photography and use her skills...

Ryan Witsik


Freshman Ryan Witsik is a first-time reporter this year. Ryan enjoys taking photos and learning new skills; he also enjoys spending time with family and friends. Ryan plans to focus on learning the basics of journalism.

Jacob Stroh


Jacob Stroh is a freshman reporter. He started playing basketball at open gyms on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  He is excited to take photos at sporting events and write sports stories as well.

Peyton Sparks


Peyton Sparks is a freshman reporter for the Courier. He is also looking forward to writing different articles, so he can learn about different things. He likes to go outside to different places, usually with his friends. He usually...

Alyssa Rossi


Freshman Alyssa Rossi is a first year reporter for the Courier. Alyssa is most excited to work with the staff, learn about photography and become a better writer. Outside of school, she plays club volleyball, likes to hang out...

Lola Sroka


Sophomore Lola Sroka is a first-year reporter for the Courier. She plays field hockey and lacrosse for the school, and she also plays club field hockey. Lola is excited to cover sporting events on the Courier this year.

Dakota Counts


Dakota is a first-year reporter for the Courier news. He is a junior at the high school, and he likes covering sports stories. Dakota is looking forward to writing more stories in the future.

Michael Reeb


Freshman Micheal Reeb is most interested in writing commentary articles for the Courier. He also has a very strong belief that he needs a better photo for his staff profile.

Julianna Kessler


Senior Julianna Kessler is a first year reporter for the Courier. Julianna is most excited to work with the staff and delve into new interests. Outside of school, Julianna enjoys hanging out with her friends and listening to music....

Stephen Mayoryk


Freshman Stephen Mayoryk is a new reporter for the Susquehannock Courier and is interested in writing new pieces, including opinion and commentary articles. Outside of the Courier, Stephen runs varsity cross country and track....

Jalen Franklin


Junior Jalen Franklin is a new reporter for the Courier. Jalen is excited to work in realm of sports features. He is the starting point guard on the varsity basketball team. He enjoys spending time with family and friends and...

Alex Stine


Sophomore Alex Stine is a returning reporter for the Courier. Alex finds article writing and photography to be her favorite mediums. Outside of school, Alex enjoys working with the school stage crew on upcoming productions in...

Maggie Grim


Freshman Maggie Grim is a reporter for the Courier this year. Grim is a member of the varsity field hockey team. She is excited to contribute as a news anchor and reporter this year.

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