Chloe Warner Makes it to PMEA All-State Concert Band

Trumpet soloist Chloe Warner plays the first trumpet section feature in the show during the first movement on one of the two smaller stages. Photograph by Alexa Viands
Trumpet soloist Chloe Warner plays the first trumpet section feature in the show during the first movement on one of the two smaller stages. Photograph by Alexa Viands
Chloe Warner plays her trumpet as she performs with the Susquehannock High School band. Photograph Courtesy of Chloe Warner

Nine years ago, junior Chloe Warner picked up her grandfather’s trumpet, and with a “tootle ti toot,” her life was filled with the sound of joy from music.

Being influenced by her family, Warner started her long journey as a musician. Her mom helped kickstart her talent and helped carry her through each step of her future in music along with the rest of her family. Her first step was to join Cynthia Abeles at Friendship Elementary School and continue to evolve.

“I started in…third grade, officially in fourth grade,” Warner said. Warner’s passion, along with countless years of hard work, has led to her preparing to play along with the best in the state as part of the PMEA program All-State Concert Band.

“ I just…grabbed one of our…trumpets at home and started playing,” Warner said.

Warner auditioned and participated in Region V PMEA, continuing onto PMEA All-State Concert Band on April 19, 2024. Warner participated in the 2024 Region V PMEA Band concert on Feb. 24. She was one of the 144 students to then head to the PMEA All-State Band and she is one of eight trumpets selected from all across Pennsylvania.

“PMEA Region V is a very strong region,” Warner said. “We have a lot of musical talent… Region V band was the best group I ever played with.”

Warner poses with the PMEA sign after participating in the Region V PMEA Concert Band event. Photograph Courtesy of Chloe Warner

Countless hours of practice contributed to this achievement as one must reach each level of the PMEA ladder and audition to see if they make it to the next rung. Not only does a participant have to focus on their talents, but also balance their school and home lives, showing impressive planning and organization.

“Now I…can focus on more like the social aspect of…festivals,” Warner said. “Interacting with people and…getting good communications… I tried to focus on not the competition aspect of it…[but] more of the community aspect of it.”

Chloe Warner and other students from all across Pennsylvania are preparing to perform at the Region V PMEA Concert Band concert. Photograph Courtesy of  Chloe Warner 

Warner’s success was well-earned but not fully intended. Warner along with Christian Poole, the director of the Susquehannock High School Concert Band, expressed that Chloe didn’t plan on auditioning.

“She [Warner] has really improved…,” Poole said. “She started district band in 9th grade…she’s very motivated …it’s nice to have a student who has that work ethic.”

With the influence of her parents and her private teacher, Chris Hutton, she decided to give it a shot. With a large load of practice time and commitment, Warner was reluctant but she faced these challenges head on.

“I just… wanted to…play my trumpet without having to worry about auditions all the time, but I ended up auditioning this year, which I’m very happy I did in hindsight,” Warner said.

Only two students participated in PMEA-led festivals. Other than Warner, senior Karlye Kuhns, also participated in PMEA events this year. Both expressed how much fun it is to finally reach concert day. The work they put into the auditions and lengthy etudes finally pays off.

“It’s always so much fun…it’s an experience worth having,” Kuhns said.

With this new achievement under her belt, Warner can open new opportunities and possibilities for her future in music and in general.

“It helped me figure out what was important in life,” Warner said.


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