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The Student News Website of Susquehannock High School,   Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

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The Student News Website of Susquehannock High School,   Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

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Susquehannock Ranked #1 York County High School

Susquehannock High School has been ranked the number one high school in York County, as well as outranking high schools in Adams and Franklin counties.

This ranking comes from the U.S. News & World Report, evaluating schools based on how they execute state-required tests, graduation rates and how well the school prepares students for college.

These are the rankings Susquehannock High School achieved nationally, in the state, and in the county. Screenshot Courtesy of U.S. News & World Report

English teacher Jessica Beste believes our high school stands out amongst others.

“I think we all hold ourselves to a high expectation, and I think that something that really sets us apart is our desire to not want to disappoint each other,” Beste said. “Overall, our relationships and rapport between the students, administration, and staff really culminates to being a successful school.”

Junior Jaden Miller reflects on the flexibility and strength of students at our high school.

“I think it really shows how…we overcame [obstacles] and that we’re resilient,” Miller said. “We had to deal with construction [during school hours], but we still worked hard and didn’t let that affect us.”

The old front of the building where construction is taking place and improvements are being made. Photograph by Jenna Shumin

According to Principal Kevin Molin, this is the first time the high school has been ranked as the number one York County high school.

“This is the first time that I know we’ve been ranked first, but we’ve been ranked top 10% in the nation and in the state for the last two years,” Molin said.

Although Molin is proud of our school’s achievement, he also appreciates the previous accomplishments that have shaped the school’s image.

“More so than being number one in the county, being in that top 10% [in the commonwealth and in the nation] shows all our hard work has paid off for students and teachers, and I think that’s something to be really proud of when you think about the 600+ high schools in Pennsylvania and…about 20,000 high schools in the United States,” Molin said. “I think that top 10% is pretty darn good and shows how competitive our kids are…I think it bodes well for them when they go to college or go to the workforce.”

An overview of the newly built front of the school and the athletic fields surrounding it. Photograph by Jenna Shumin

Susquehannock High School was up against many other high schools both in the county and in the state, achieving high rankings.

“This year, U.S. News reviewed approximately 25,000 high schools in the United States and ranked nearly 17,660 using data from the 2021-22 school year,” mentioned the Southern Way Newsletter. “Susquehannock High School…ranked first in York County and 72nd in Pennsylvania.”

Beste sees the ranking as number one in York County as a clear portrayal of the school’s reputation.

“…it says it’s a place where expectations are set…hard work is valued and appreciated,” Beste said. “I think it really shows how resilient our students are in overcoming any challenge or obstacles that they face in order to reach the goals they set for themselves and the goals their teachers have for them.”

Beste sees clear future goals as a teacher in maintaining this ranking.

“…Ensuring that [we] provide…students with the opportunities to be successful, make opportunities for growth, and just continuing to learn, grow, and push [ourselves] to be the best [we] can be for…students,” Beste said.

Molin plans to help ensure that the school maintains its excellence and to continue to make improvements.

“First and foremost, making sure we’re hiring the best teachers possible, and that is not always easy given that there’s a teacher shortage,” Molin said. “Being able to make sure our kids have what they need in the classroom, so supply wise and new technology that comes out…and trying to stay on the front-end of change and flexibility to do those things I think is key in order to keep us where we are.”

This achievement could not have been possible without the contributions of students, faculty, and staff.

“…I think our school has always really worked well together,” Beste said. “I feel like something that is a testament to that is our focus on building a community within our school…building an inclusive, collaborative community absolutely contributes to our success.”

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