Students Participate in Region Orchestra

By Leah Miller, Reporter

PMEA held the 2017-2018 Central Region Orchestra Festival on March 23 and 24 at Messiah College.

Students from all over the state came together to perform and showcase their talents.

To make it to regionals, musicians must audition and make it past districts.

Senior Lucas Sherman and sophomore Lucas Schwanke both participated.

Sherman thought it was an awesome musical and social experience.

“It was really fun,” said Sherman. ”I liked the conductor and made a couple friends which is always fun.”

The orchestra was guest conducted by Messiah’s Orchestra Studies director, Dr. Timothy Dixon.

Many musicians, including Sherman, stayed the night since it was a two day event.

Because he is a senior, it was the last time Sherman would participate in the event.

“It was one of those things where I could have been sad or I could have just enjoyed the entire experience and give it my all,” said Sherman. “I’m proud to say that I overcame the feeling of, ‘oh this is never happening again.’”

Sherman has participated in regionals since his sophomore year and in districts all four years.

The orchestra is made up of the best musicians throughout Pennsylvania, which makes it a huge accomplishment for two Susquehannock students to participate.

With Schwanke only being a sophomore, the orchestra hopes to continue its representation in the future years.