Students Compete at PMEA District Band Festival

Pennsylvania Music Educators Association
(Photo Courtesy of PMEA)
Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (Photo Courtesy of PMEA)

Two of our senior band members, Karlye Kuhns and Chloe Warner,  auditioned and were accepted into the PMEA District 7 Band.

These are the districts included with the PMEA District 7 Festival. Screenshot of “districtmap1.gif” via PMEA

They competed with four other counties that consisted of Lancaster, Adams, Harrisburg, and York on Saturday, Dec. 2.

Kuhns and Warner were at Ephrata High School from 7 a.m. on Friday through Saturday afternoon. After arriving, they were eager to meet the director and get sorted out. The concert started around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. There were 16 trumpets simultaneously playing five pieces of music. The conductor was very accommodating to all the band members and ensured they succeeded, according to the duo.

Warner said, “There was a rigorous audition during December, and over 80 trumpets along with other instruments auditioned.”

Warner and Kuhns agreed that it progressively got more competitive the further they grew within the audition process.

Warner has been in the band since 8th grade and quickly realized that it was her passion. Although she thought about departing from the band, she hesitated thinking about all the possibilities she could miss out on, so she eventually decided to stay with the band.

Kuhns was very thrilled to be accepted, and she couldn’t take all the credit.

“My mom used to be in a band, so I’ve had a huge musical influence in my life…” Kuhns said. “Many members had private lesson teachers to help better prepare and practice the new and upcoming songs. Like everyone else, the nerves were high, but the hard work paid off.”

Kuhns stated happily :“What I heard from parents and directors, the concert was amazing…”

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