How to Make Halloween Doodles

By Addotta, Reporter

Here are some fun tutorials on how to draw everyone’s favorite classic Halloween symbols.

Pumpkins are a staple of the fall season. These funky little gourds are fun and easy to draw, and there is a wide array of creative pumpkin doodles to make!

Drawing the Classic Pumpkins

Drawing the classic pumpkin is the easiest to do. There are 3 simple steps, a circle, a couple of curved lines, and to top it off, a stem! No sweat.


Pumpkin Bodies

To draw a pumpkin that looks good, the most important part is to shamelessly draw something fun. Try out different stems, lines, and shapes on the pumpkin to create something different and new! Pumpkins are a great muse for starting artists because there are so many options, it is impossible to draw something so odd incorrectly.


Ghosts! Ghosts are those spooky little fellas that probably exist…maybe. Drawing them is not all that hard, like pumpkins, there are only a few simple steps involving basic shapes.

Drawing the Ghost’s Face

The ghosts face is arguably the most important part of the ghost, sure most ghosts have a body, but not all do and it is not fair to discriminate! The ghost’s face is what is going to decide its personality, as ghosts are usually frozen in a permanent state between life and death, the face they will be making for all eternity is a good indicator of what they are like.

Here we have three classic ghostly expressions! A ghost may be angry or surprised or scared; however they are feeling, be sure it is conveyed in the drawing. Here is an easy way to do that.

Drawing the Body

Now a bit more complicated is a ghost’s body. The classic sheet ghost is the most common body type among ghosts; there is also the choicer swirly ghost, the intimidating square ghost and every other ghost shape imaginable.


Do not be intimidated! Witches may look scary, but they are usually just cool old women or college-aged hippies. Also, do not be intimidated by drawing witches. Witches are, arguably, people, and people can be pretty hard to draw. Fear not though! Witches are not too tricky. Figuratively at least, literally witches are historically tricksters.

Drawing the Witch’s Head

Easy! A witch head is just two shapes placed precariously on top of each other. Draw a shape for the head, a circle is recommended but go for any shape, but for more gutsy artists, any shape could be ahead! This is Halloween art! It is all about guts! Mark the middle of the shape with a straight pencil line, or just wing it, and draw a triangle poking out. To make a more stylized witch, a little bump on the triangle adds some warty flare.

Drawing the Face

Witch faces are just faces, so the same face making methods apply, as with any other ghosts or human or emoji doodles (i.e eyes, mouth, and nose). Feel free to borrow an idea straight off the page, or design a witch face independently.

Drawing the Hair

Witch hair is optional, but a witch’s style, much like a ghost’s shape, is important in showing her personality. A witch with the traditional long black hair may be old-school and modest, a curly-haired witch may be a bit wild and vivacious.



At the end of the day, art is about having fun and creating something  unique. Have fun using these tips and techniques to spice up your Halloween!