The Genius Found in Saba’s ‘Care For Me’

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Saba poses for the “Care For Me” album cover. Photo courtesy of

By Trevor Leuba, News Editor

Screenshot taken from “Saba – ‘Busy’ (Official Video) by Saba Pivot.
Saba surrounded by clothed figures meant to represent the people in his life. Screenshot taken from “Saba – ‘Busy’ (Official Video) by Saba Pivot

Rapper Saba returns to the music scene with the release of his sophomore album “Care For Me.”

Saba is from the Chicago scene who has blown up in the past few years.

He first gained recognition from his project, “GETCOMFORTable” in 2012 and his debut album “The Bucket List Project” in 2016.

“Care For Me” is composed of 10 tracks with a run length of 41:35. The album is a blend of jazz-rap and neo-soul.

The smooth, soft production juxtaposes the sharp drums to create a neat effect. This is most noticeable in the climax of “Prom / King”.

The drums continually get louder and more hectic against the backdrop of the melody.

The entire album is a reflection of Saba’s depression and grief after the murder of his cousin, Walter.

It is an incredibly personal album, as the subject matter switches between his current grief and past memories spent with Walter.

Image taken from twitter @sabaPIVOT
Track list for “Care For Me” posted onto a fridge for promotion art. Image taken from twitter @sabaPIVOT

The opening track, “Busy / Sirens”, sets the mood for the album with the first line heard being “I’m so alone”.

It is a look at the emotions and mindset Saba is in following the death of Walter.

“Broken Girls” examines what it is like to be in a relationship for the wrong reasons.

Sometimes both parties are “broken” with their own issues and are just using one another; Saba cannot help falling for people that are similar to him.

“Calligraphy” features a piano sample throughout the whole track written by Saba.

Writing has been a powerful tool for Saba, and he expresses how it allowed him to escape from his issues.

The hook is incredibly catchy as it repeats the refrain, “Write it away, write it away.

I just got tired of runnin’ away, runnin’ away. Everyone leavin’, I write ’em away, write ’em away.


“Prom / King” is a track that utilizes more of a storytelling style.

The first half recounts the memory of his first prom that he spent with his cousin Walter.

As the song comes to a climax in the second half, Saba reveals the events that transpired during Walter’s death.

The track is incredibly personal and a highlight on “Care For Me.”

The final track is a perspective shift as Saba is rapping from the perspective of a dying person.

“Heaven All Around Me” shows someone who is accepting of death and is ready to join their loved ones in the afterlife.

Saba was able to create a project that is both depressing and beautiful.

Its production and themes make it easy to listen to on more melancholy or chill days.

“Care For Me” could be considered some of the best conscious hip hop so far this year.

Michael Salisbury
Saba poses on a couch while giving an interview for “These Days”. Photo by Michael Salisbury

The album was acclaimed from critics and fans alike.

It received a score of a 8.7 from Pitchfork and was placed in the “Best New Music” category.

Metacritic gave it a score of a 92 out of 100. The general consensus from fans has been very positive.

Check out “Care For Me” on Apple Music, Spotify and other major music streaming platforms.