Golf Team Drives to Win Division I Again

By Lucas Dimler, Reporter

The golf team has won the division again this year.

They have been a very successful team with winning the division two times in a row and maintaining a double digit lead against their division this year. The team hopes to keep up the success.

This is their golf course where they can practice their shots. Photo by Lucas Dimler

Sophomore Trey Gaidis feels like the coach, Ray Lingenfelter, just wants them to push yourself.

“He just expects you to do your best, and if you struggle, learn your problems and implement new things,” Gaidis said.

Senior Brody Cain feels their coach lets them work on their game in their own way.

Generally, Coach L tends to allow the players to prepare in their own ways. Before a match, we can work on whatever aspect we want. Be it short game, irons, or straightening a drive that slices, he knows that we can prepare in our own ways,” said Cain.

This is just another shot of their golf course showing where they practice.

Senior Greyson Daviau said all that matters is that the team gives their best effort.

“We always have a goal of winning,” said Daviau. “However, our coach tells us every match that all that matters is that we play our best golf. He also emphasizes to focus on each shot in the moment, and not the final score.”

“It’s been going good, and we could could go on to win the championship,” said Gaidis.

Cain believes the team can go far in the future, but not without hard work.

…we are losing 6 seniors this year. Only 4 remain from the current team. The team has been extremely successful the last two years, and I see them being successful in the future. However, everyone will have to step up and pull their weight,” said Cain.

This is the golf teams driving range where they can practice their golf swing.