Fox Rushes Over 1000 Yards

December 8, 2022

Michael Fox is on the offensive side of the ball ready to run. Photograph by Naber Photography

Junior running back Michael Fox rushed for over 1000 yards this past season.

In addition to this, Fox has ambitious goals for the next season, far exceeding his 1023 yard feat.

“I’m hoping to have a breakout year next year. …Fifteen hundred rushing yards,” Fox said.

Junior wide-receiver and defensive back Daniel Kaliszak believes that Fox’s goal is attainable.

“I think next year with summer workouts and also a new season and a year of the new offense under the belt… he should be able to do it,” Kaliszak said.

Head coach Joe Sorice refers to Fox’s achievement, seeing a positive impact.

“I think it means we’re about to turn the corner,” Sorice said,”…I think guys see that, and they’re starting to buy in, and they want to experience the same thing.”

This past football season wasn’t great for the whole team, ending with a losing record of 3-7. Despite this record, Fox has a positive outlook for the future.

“I hope we win more games next year,” Fox said. “[There is a] bright future ahead of us, we got a lot of good guys coming up, a lot of inexperienced freshmen that we had playing this year that have the experience from this year coming into next season.”

Kaliszak doesn’t leave the situation up to hope. He believes Fox sets a good example for newer players.

“I think his motivation and work ethic really show when he works hard, and it shows in games, so if he’s working really hard at practice, it shows in [the] game,” Kaliszak said. “…and people look up to him because he’s good on the field.”

Sorice also credits Fox as a role model for the football team.

”He’s proven himself as a leader on and off the field, and I think people are starting to buy into that,” Sorice said. “They saw the hard work he put in this time last year, and it paid off for him…”

Fox didn’t make his achievement without work. Sorice is aware that Fox knows that his results come from effort.

“No matter what he’s doing-offense, defense, special teams-all he wants to do is just keep working, keep trying to get better,” Sorice said, “”A lot of times we have to pull the reins back and actually make him take a rest.”

Sorice sees the unique work ethic Michael Fox displays on the field.

“Michael Fox is one of a kind,” Sorice said,””Not too many players his age have the drive, dedication, determination to just get better on a daily basis.”

Football isn’t completely centered around being a star for Michael Fox; the turf is his escape from the outside world.

“You forget about everything else, once you start playing,” Fox said. “[You] just don’t necessarily think as much… it’s just therapeutic almost.”

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