‘Big Fish’ Stretches its Fins

Gabby Lynch

By Jacob Lynch, Reporter

   Auditions have came and gone in a smooth fashion for the theatres’ spring musical, Big Fish.

   Director William Jenkins notes how the musical thematically highlights the truths of life.

   “Big Fish is about a father who spends his life telling tall tales to his son about the things that happened in his life,” said Jenkins. “And the son tries to find out as an older man before his father dies, what exactly the truth of all those stories were.”

   Jenkins understands the struggles of transitioning from a play to a musical.

   “Sometimes you’ll see people who do really well in the play, maybe not be able to do as well in the musical,” said Jenkins. “You come to the play to kind of learn how to be an actor, and then once you get to the musical you have to add in the singing part of it.”

   Senior Kaleb Fair stars as Edward Bloom, the lead in musical.

   Fair believes that preparation is key to auditioning for a musical.

   “Auditioning for a play or musical can be really intimidating, especially if you are doing it for the first time,” said Fair. “The best advice I can give is to be fully prepared by finding a monologue that makes sense to you. You should do the same thing with your song.”

   Fair is excited to start rehearsals with his cast-mates.

   “I’m honored to have the opportunity to play this role,” said Fair. “There are so many aspects of this character that I’m excited to work on.”

   Junior Matthew Sharkey received two roles, one being Red Fang, a World War II assassin, as well as being the understudy for Don Price.

   Sharkey is ready to spend time with the actor who plays Don Price, senior Hunter Davis.

   “Don Price is a high school bully who eventually becomes the mayor, a loquacious dude with an attitude,” said Sharkey. “It will be a great opportunity to spend some time with a fun and great guy.”

   Big Fish will be performed for the public on April 13-15.