Students Direct a ‘Wonderland’ Play

This is the famed door scene when Alice attempts to chase after rabbit; however, all the doors are locked. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma
This is the famed door scene when Alice attempts to chase after rabbit; however, all the doors are locked. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma
Brennan Ledesma

Take a step into the darkness and follow Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. Watch her defy all reasonable explanations and go on irrationally muddled adventures with a Hatter, a Hare or the Queen of Hearts.

This year, the student-led section of the Susquehannock Theatre Department has chosen Alice as their secondary fall play.
This show follows some of the wacky adventures that Alice goes on during her time in Wonderland, such as croquet with the Queen of Hearts or a cup of tea with the Hare, the Hatter and the Dormouse.

A new facet of the production is senior Cordelia Jenkins stepping in as a new student director.

“The show is a shorter version of the story of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll,” Jenkins said. “Characters from the original story and the Disney movie are all present through Alice’s adventures in Wonderland.”

This is the  famed “Caterpillar” scene, acted out by some of the newest actors in the theatre. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma

The show, despite being produced by the mainstage theatre team, does not have a set, which produces some challenges, but also lets the cast be more imaginative with the way they portray their characters.

“This has come as a bit of a challenge for us, but we’ve been able to create somewhat unusual ways of going about not having a set,” Jenkins said. “Cast members actively play the set throughout the show, some people being trees, tables and even a stove at one point.”

Just like the mainstage plays, Alice has a large cast, meaning that the ensemble is larger than usual.
“Since the cast is so large, we’re able to have a more in-depth rabbit hole scene with each cast member playing a specific part of the rabbit hole,” Jenkins said.

Junior Fiona Giffen is the new stage director for all future single-acts.

“I expressed my interest to Laura, the current stage manager, about being her assistant manager,” Giffen said. “She was very excited to have someone reach out and even said she planned on asking me if I was interested.”

During a break during their scene, Alice and her fellow actor plan out blocking.
Photograph by Brennan Ledesma (Brennan Ledesma)

The show has gone on tour to all three of the elementary schools, as well as Zion Lutheran Church. On Thursday, Dec. 14, the show will be performed in the recently refurbished auditorium in the high school.

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