Anne Jackson Serves as Role Model in the Community

Anne Jackson, the senior who took the homecoming crown in October, is perfect for the role.

As a highly involved student and athlete, Jackson serves as an exceptional role model for young girls as well as the community.

Jackson feels that the title of homecoming queen is another way of showing her dedication to the community.

Being homecoming queen is such a unique experience,” Jackson said. “For me, it showed me what kind of impact I’ve left on other people through my actions and my words.”

Anna Jackson is escorted by her parents prior to being crowned queen at the Homecoming football game. Photograph Courtesy of Anne Jackson

High school teacher Andrew Warren teaches Jackson in AP Seminar and sees how involved Jackson is with the student body.

“Anne is involved in extracurricular activities, such as tennis and a wide range of clubs, such as Aevidum, grain or shine club and gardening club,” Warren said. “In serving on the Wellness Committee, Anne is able to represent the concerns of her classmates. She also actively contributes to promoting mental health awareness as Aevidum Vice President.”

From the perspective of her teachers, counselors and friends, Jackson exemplifies many of the qualities of a leader.

School Counselor Matthew Shervington has had Jackson as one of his students since her freshman year.

“I think that Anne perfectly encapsulates many of the Warrior Expectations set forth by the SYCSD administration,” Shervington said. “To further elaborate, she is respectful of all other SHS students, often making efforts to understand and empathize with their points of view, even if she originally disagrees with it. She is also responsible in terms of her leadership as vice president of Aevidum; she has tried to organize many initiatives to proactively address the mental health and safety of her peers.”

Jackson poses with senior court members and runner-ups Nicole Dauberman and Dylan Elliott. Photograph Courtesy of Anne Jackson

Jackson’s dedication to her high school peers has not gone unnoticed by Shervington.

“I also think that she is resilient, as when she is faced with adversity or sees a peer faced with adversity, she works to overcome it or help them overcome it,” Shervington said. “She is a wonderful student who accomplishes many of these… through serving in Aevidum and Friends of Rachel.”

Jackson leaves a final piece of advice for any ladies looking to leave a mark on their community.

“Just remember that your words and actions will always stick with people, so always aim to be kind,” Jackson said.