Boys Tennis Ties for Third in Divisions

By Ally Waltemyer, Commentary Editor

The boys tennis team finished their spring season in a three way tie for third place.

Up against Bermudian Springs and West York, the team placed third with a score of 5-3 in divisions, but 6-7 overall.

Coach Marianne Michels attributes their success to the players’ strengths.

“I thought they did really well,” said Michels. “I think they worked hard figuring out doubles. I thought it worked out really well. We ended up strong; we were strong in singles. We had experienced players. Everyone who played singles was returning, and I had a couple of freshmen who made it into varsity doubles and had never played together before and they really developed a great team together.”

Senior captain Brendan Paules credits the younger players with helping to boost the team’s status.

“I think we did pretty well,” said Paules ”…I think even our matches that we played teams that are out of our division. Especially our younger guys who were playing further back like in the doubles. They really have a promising future, which is exciting.”

However, losing the seniors will leave a hole in the team next year.

Freshman Carson Williams, an exposition doubles player, felt encouraged by the senior players and will be upset to see them go.

“They really inspired us all to do our best and sending them off is sad but at least we have the lessons that they taught us,” said Williams.

Michels expects the underclassmen to work hard for the opening positions.

“It’s gonna be rough because we are losing all of our singles players,” said Michels. “…I anticipate that the players on the team are going to work hard because they are all going to want those spots.”

Paules agrees that they may struggle losing the seniors but thinks he and the other seniors are leaving the team in good hands.

“I think spending a lot of time with these younger guys, and thankfully a lot of them did get to play varsity this year,” said Paules. “I think having that contrast that we are all part of the team this year. I think that was a good motivation for them going into the future seasons.”

Next year, Michels hopes they place in a higher rank.

“We always strive to do better than we did better the year before, so we are going to hope to go for second or first place next year,” said Michels. “We just want to build a strong team that is competitive.”