Girls Tennis Wrap up Season with 7 Players Headed to YAIAA Doubles Tournament

Senior captain Abby Martin prepares to  serve.
Photograph by Sam Timlin

By Sam Timlin, Social Media Editor

October 4, 2019

With a mix of old and new players, from seniors to freshmen, the girls tennis team wrapped up the regular season with a 2-3 loss against Kennard-Dale. However, the girls' overall league season record was a 5-2 with seven players moving on to post season play.  The seven varsity players who move...

Susky Alliance Begins a New Year

This year's flyer, welcoming new students to the club. The flyer was designed by Vice President K. Hudgins

By Sam Timlin, Social Media Editor

September 10, 2019

The Gay Straight Alliance is ready to kickstart another year. The first meeting is on September 19 and will include a small introductory meeting with a craft. The club will meet from 2:45 to 3:30 p.m. in Alliance adviser Erica Littleton’s room, 112. With the new change in leadership, junior ...

The Pledge Of Allegiance: Why Do We Do It

An American flag blows in the wind on a cloudy day.
Photograph by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

By Melissa Chesnoski, Reporter

April 26, 2019

Americans are weird. We start the school day by standing up and reciting a pledge to an inanimate object, a ritual taught to us in kindergarten and one most people never really seem to question. I fail to see the significance of mumbling the pledge along with 25 of my classmates every morning. ...

Expressions Looks for Submissions

The 2002, 2010, 2016, and one more untitled literature magazine covers are displayed.
Photo by Melissa Chesnoski

By Melissa Chesnoski, Reporter

November 29, 2018

The literature magazine Expressions is accepting submissions until April 1, 2019. Students can email or hand in paper copies to submit their work. Artwork can be submitted through art teacher, Wes Myers. Photo submissions can be sent through photography teacher, Wade Bowers. Literature...

Origami Frogs Hop Around Susky

A frog hops around on the cafeteria table.

By Sam Timlin and Reagan Gorham

February 2, 2018

Some students have seen little paper frogs 'hopping' around in their classes. This origami trend serves as  a stress-relieving, fun activity and is gaining traction. Sophomore Ian McDonald started making frogs with his sister when he was five years old. “Whenever we were bored, my moth...

Prowling in the International Spy Museum

By Michael Younkin, Commentary Editor

January 25, 2015

With half of the International Spy Museum devoted to the greatest fictional spy of all time, Ian Flemming’s 007, and the other half devoted to real world spies, gadgets, and missions, the fantasy spy fanatic can find just as much enjoyment as the real life spy fanatic. Found in Washington DC, it is...

Staff Ed.: Tolerate others’ beliefs

Open Minds, Close Mouths

By Gina Corey, Editor-in-Chief

October 10, 2012

In a diverse school community, students are bound to have differing beliefs and opinions, but this does not mean that we should criticize each others’ views. Every person is different; we all are unique in our own way and think in our own way. Many students conform to what they think others will...

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