Susky Alliance Begins a New Year


K. Hudgins

This year’s flyer, welcoming new students to the club. The flyer was designed by Vice President K. Hudgins

By Sam Timlin, Social Media Editor

The Gay Straight Alliance is ready to kickstart another year.

The first meeting is on September 19 and will include a small introductory meeting with a craft.

The club will meet from 2:45 to 3:30 p.m. in Alliance adviser Erica Littleton’s room, 112.

With the new change in leadership, junior vice president K. Hudgins is excited to help out for the new year.

 “Being Vice President this year means I get to have more control over the state of the club; in the past years our club has had some issues that  I hope to be able to help fix,” said Hudgins.

This year, the club is planning on focusing a healthy balance between having fun, but working hard to make the school a better place for LGBT+ students. 

“I  want to be able to balance working within our club and with our school especially,”said Hudgins.   “I want to make it more fun with more parties and crafts and making it so everyone feels welcome from all grades.” 

If a student is interested in participating or getting more information, they can contact Littleton in room 112 or adviser Tim Groth in room 114.