Staff Ed.: Tolerate others’ beliefs

Open Minds, Close Mouths

Photo by: Hailey Page

In a diverse school community, students are bound to have differing beliefs and opinions, but this does not mean that we should criticize each others’ views.

Every person is different; we all are unique in our own way and think in our own way.

Many students conform to what they think others will think is “cool” or “in,” but we should all be who we want to be without the fear of our peers bringing us down.

It is the ignorance of others that causes individuals to change themselves to be what they think is socially accepted.

Students should stick to who they are and what they believe in.

One should form their own opinions without input from anyone else, whether its friends or enemies.

This also means that once one forms their own personal opinion, one cannot criticize others’ beliefs because they are different.

Students need to learn how to listen to the opinions and beliefs of their peers without getting mad or upset and causing a ruckus.

However, questions are usually never asked by one side, leading to assumptions and confusion as to the other’s side’s motives.

Instances such as these require patience, tolerance, and communication. Students should accept others’ beliefs and opinions and not fight them because we have misconceptions of what we don’t understand.

It is when students decide to fight each other instead of being conscious of others views that a school becomes divided.

We all have to attend this school day after day; it is better to be tolerant of others than to cause problems by making quick judgements. Besides, empathy is what we all individually want from others.

Let  us work on improving our school unity by communicating with each other, tolerating ideas that we may not support, and supporting one another as fellow human beings.