Golf Team Goes Undefeated

The golf team achieved a record of 53-0 in their most recent season, finishing second in the county finals.

Junior Cross Santoro, a member of the team, admits that the success of the team as a whole was very impressive.

This has been one of the best seasons that Susquehannock golf has had,” said Santoro. “With an undefeated season, coach Mark really knew how to use our talent as individuals in order to set us up as a team for a winning season.”

COVID-19 did not impact the success of the golf team because players were able to maintain adequate social distancing during each match.

Junior Sam Elsen takes his first swing of the match. Photograph Courtesy of Sam Elsen

Junior Sam Elsen had the best personal record on the team this year with an average of 78.86.

“This team is really special,” said Elsen. “I don’t think that SHS is going to see another one quite like this.”

Santoro was thankful for the supportive nature of the team’s players and is excited to play with them next season.

The team this year really came together, and at the end of every match, regardless of if you played fantastic or terrible, you could always count on the rest of the team to pull through for the win.”

— Cross Santoro

The team was coached by Mark Beran, and the players were extremely grateful for his expertise and kindness throughout matches and practices.

The golf team finishes their season strong. Photograph Courtesy of Brad Keeney

Sophomore golfer Ryan Thomas is moved by the success that the team endured.

“The team had very impressive progress this year,” said Thomas. “It’s so cool that everyone improves that much in such a short amount of time. All the progress we made was from our amazing coach. He really helped to push us forward to make the season what it was.”

All members of the golf team are optimistic for the next season and hope to progress further than the county level.

“We are really coming together as a team,” said Thomas. “[Because of this,] I can’t wait for the next season to come.”