May: The Merry Month of Tests

Hunter Ellington, Reporter

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The end of the school year is quickly approaching, and all the tests are here.

Standardized tests and finals can put a lot of stress on students, especially when the school year is almost over.

One of the tests is the Keystones, which started on May 14 and ran through May 17.

This is the Keystone exams’ logo. Screenshot by Allure Sapp


In order to pass the Keystones, students have to get a Proficient or Advanced, and the score needed is 1500.

Here are some tips to help prepare for the tests: go to bed early, eat a good breakfast, bring a bottled water, take as much time as you need on the test and read all the directions carefully.

Extended time will be given to any students who do not finish the test during the testing period.

Another test that students are taking right now are AP Exams which started on May 6.

Then there are final exams which will determine what final grades will be.

Finals start on May 21 for seniors and May 30 for underclassmen.

In order to be exempt from finals, a 92% average for the year in each class is required.

12% of one’s course grade will drop if students don’t show up to their finals, and 10% of one’s course grade will drop if students take their finals and fail it.

Students are expected to be on time for the start of their exams and come prepared.

Keystone Schedule for this week