Students Skip the Line with FDL Meal Planner App

Freshman Logan Trimble uses the FDL Meal Planner app regularly. 
Photograph by Jordan Torres
Freshman Logan Trimble uses the FDL Meal Planner app regularly. Photograph by Jordan Torres

Getting dismissed from class, students walk to the cafeteria and anticipate the meals that are prepared by the cafeteria staff, along with having a chance to decompress from their classes and talk with fellow students. 

Having their meal already prepared for them without the hassle of waiting in lines would be the best-case scenario, and now, thanks to the FDL Meal Planner, this is a reality for students.

The FDL Meal Planner app allows students to see a week’s worth of menu options, allowing them to add choices to their cart to purchase ahead of time. Screenshot Courtesy of Sara Mooney via the FDL Meal Planner app

Students like to get the same meals, such as a deli sandwich, nachos, salads, or a meal that is rotated daily. This caused the district to create an app called the FDL Meal Planner. 

The app requires you to order the meal a day ahead and allows you to pick any of the meals served. Although uncommonly used, it does provide benefits and could reduce overcrowding if people frequently use it.

Freshman Shaun Harper recommends the app. Harper mentioned how it was “Basic to use,” including the perks of “You don’t have to wait in a long line.” 

Freshman Logan Trimble talked about how the app was also good enough for him to recommend it to fellow students; although, it does have some cons. 

Using the app allows him to assess aspects of his meal choices but choosing toppings has given him issues.

  “Sometimes when you order something like a burger bar, you don’t get all the options,” Trimble said. 

Although slightly problematic, he sees the benefits.

 “Good service has been upgraded from the middle school and gives many different options,” Trimble said. “It is easy to place your order, and you do not have to wait in the lines.” 

Students are able to click on descriptions and ingredient statements about different meal choices. Screenshot by Sara Mooney via the FDL Meal Planner App

The Cafeteria Head Helen Heidler and her staff are trying their best to prepare warm meals every day. They know how tedious the lines can get and which ones are popular. 

”That’s why pre-ordering is nice since you can pre-order your entire deli sandwich… and never have to stay in line,”  Heidler said. 

The cafeteria is also looking forward to suggestions that you may have, as long as it follows the federal guidelines.

“…since you’re a customer who pays for meals,” Heidler said.

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