Students Red Out for the Revs

Photo overlooking the York Revolution stadium. Photo Courtesy: York Dispatch

Photo overlooking the York Revolution stadium. Photo Courtesy: York Dispatch

Alex Martuszewski, Reporter

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Susquehannock High School hosted a “Red Out for The Revs” game on Tuesday, April 30.

Students went to the York Revolution baseball game at 6:30 p.m. and wore red to show support.

This benefits the school because every ticket sold earned $5 back.

Marketing teacher Kellin McCullough is the head teacher on the project.

McCullough feels that it was a great opportunity for her marketing students.

“They reached out to us which is great. It gives us an example of real life planning and business, sale practice, and fits our curriculum,” said McCullough.

The Revs are a local minor league baseball team that is always willing to help improve surrounding schools.

Improvements within the school help to benefit the entire student body and can improve studying, learning and overall comfort levels.

There is a process to see what teachers will be granted money, how much and what for to ensure that every dollar benefits the school to the best ability.

“Teachers get to apply for the funds for innovation tools in their classroom. [It] has helped buy VR goggles recently and has benefited many teachers and students in the past,” said McCullough.

Junior Brock Hofler encouraged all students to go to the game.

“I would tell the person to go and bring friends. The game is fun to watch and will be a good time. There are always small games played between innings. It will be a fun event overall,” said Hofler.