Prom Tickets on Sale Soon

By Mackenzie Womack, Sports Editor

Prom is quickly approaching, taking place on Saturday, May 4 at the Valencia Ballroom in York, PA.

The tickets  will be on sale for $55 a piece from March 26 until April 20.

At prom, there will be dinner, dancing, music, and time to have fun with friends.

The theme for the 2019 prom is “In the Clouds.”

Each ticket will include a pass to get in, dinner, dancing, DJ and more.

2018 seniors Ashley Brubaker (guest), Maya Weigard, and Sydney Smith are among the many students who take creative pre-Prom pictures to capture the moment. Photo courtesy of Maya Weigard

If you would like to purchase a ticket,  you can contact junior class adviser Stephanie Myers, student council adviser Kellin McCullough or senior class adviser Elizabeth Lease.