Student Council Brings Talent Show to Susky

Jake Silliman

By Christopher Norris, Reporter

Susky students will be given a chance to shine on stage this year during the talent show on February 23.

This is the first talent show to come to the high school in recent history.

Junior student council member Greyson Daviau thinks a Susky talent show is overdue.

“We know that there is a lot of talent at Susky,” said Daviau. “Not many people have had the opportunity to show the rest of the student body, and we thought it would be a cool event for both those students performing and those watching their classmates.”

Susky is full of talent, but due to time restrictions, not every act will be given a spot come show time.

10 acts will be selected after auditions, which are being held January 17-18.

Every act will be judged by student council advisers Kellin McCullough and Thomas Laure.

Senior student council member Michaela Elsen wants a diverse set of acts.

“My vision for this talent show isn’t for only musical acts,” said Elsen. “Personally, I want to see comedy acts and dance routines. I just want everyone involved to have as much fun as possible.”

Student council adviser Kellin McCullough does not want to restrict any acts that are creative.

McCullough said, “Whether it’s a group of guys doing a dance, or teachers doing something to showcase…just fun things that could be a good time.”

It is important that the students have fun and break out of their comfort zones, but students cannot forget about the competition at hand

The first place act will be rewarded $100, while the second and third place finishers will get $50 and $25, respectively.

Applications are available in room 207.