Warrior Council hopes to make a change

By Julia Kelbaugh, Reporter

Warrior Council is a new group this year with a focus on leadership and crafting unity between different clubs in the school.

Brad Keeney, athletic director and one of the adult leaders of Warrior Council, hopes the council will give more students a voice.

“We were looking for another form of leadership training within our student body that would allow the students to have a voice,” said Keeney. “The students who may not be in student council or class council get to help and have their opinion heard.”

Warrior Council has helped with many activities so far this school year, such as the welcome back for everyone at school, field day, and the pep rally.

“The main goal Warrior Council hopes to accomplish is to have more student to student interaction and allowing this to tie our school together,” said Keeney.

Senior Stevie King, member of Warrior Council, feels that this club is making a big impact on our school .

“[We] want to make change around the school and make it a more friendly environment for everyone,” said King. “This group is so important because we hope to create more unity because at the end of the day we are all one school, one family.”

Senior Kate Burgess  has high hopes for Warrior Council and believes that it can accomplish a lot for Susky.

“When Dr. Molin explained to me that this group is setting out to make school a more enjoyable atmosphere, I was totally on board,” said Burgess.

Warrior Council is a group that is always thinking, changing, and trying to help this school.

“We are always looking forward to doing something great for Susky,” said Burgess. “I hope to change the mopey or bad moods of people coming into school, and allow our school to become a place that students enjoy coming to.