Sophomores “Get Real”

By Jayde-Rhiannon Jackson, Photo Editor

All credits go to the York JCC
The official logo from the Get Real program.

  Our sophomores will participate in “Get Real Day” where they will work with the York Jewish Community Center and their peers on March 2, 8 and 15,

  The students have the opportunity to get to know one another and understand each other a bit more throughout the day in various activities. This day will focus on stereotyping, bullying, name calling, and labeling.

  The students will be able to discuss their differences with their peers, to promote a positive energy and to help other students embrace who they are.

  Juniors and seniors are asked to work with the students as “peer leaders” throughout their selected date. The staff will also be there to assist the students in these activities. The sophomores are asked to “get real” about what could possibly be bothering them or something that they would like to share with the group.  

  During the first half of the day, the students are put into small groups where they can talk to each other and get to know each other. The junior and seniors are the leaders of this group, and everyone has the chance to talk. During the second half of the day, the entire grade comes together to tell their backstory and everyone is able to listen and possibly relate to each other.

  Senior Logan Garvey knows how the second part of the day has a different atmosphere.

  “The second half is the sadder part of the day where the students are able to tell their backstory. There are tissues lined up on the bleachers,” said Garvey.  

  Get Real Day is when the students finally become accepting and the day makes it so that the students will think before they judge one another.