Weightlifting Club Weighs Success

Weightlifting Club Weighs Success

The powerlifting club is lifting its way to the championships by creating a united team determined to win competitions. 

Lifting coach Nick Deluca has been coaching the club for two years.

“Evan Allen was a freshman at the time, and he came to me, wanting to start a powerlifting club, so we started it,” DeLuca said. “I opened the weight room every day after school, and that was it.” 

This club is great for everyone who wants to work hard, according to student lifter Sagan Marks.

“You can do it no matter your age or weight,” Marks said. “You could be 200 pounds, or you could be 150; it doesn’t matter. It is open for anyone; yes, it is a male-dominated sport, but plenty of girls do it.”

To join the club is simple for anyone, no matter who you are, what you do or what your weight is. 

“ All students need to do is come in with open minds and a pair of sneakers,” DeLuca said. “For anyone who is joining, I would just tell them to come in and always be ready to work.”

According to DeLuca, it is a club that he has worked very hard on and wants other people to enjoy as he does.

Susquehannock lifters compete at a powerlifting competition at Kennard-Dale School. Photograph Courtesy of Charlotte Rhoads

“Powerlifting is an amazing club that I am trying to make a sport to just get you competing, and for students to realize how much potential they have,” DeLuca said. 

Marks tells us a lot about how to win and how she is currently doing weightlifting.

“ I am currently ranked 2nd in the competition because of how much I can lift,” Sagan said. “To win, there are points given, and it’s all based on weight and age, so I guess we will see based on the other girl that is in my weight division but then also the other girls that make up the sub-junior team because there are so few weight classes that are ranked right now, but I think I’m going to do ok!” 

Marks has been doing the weightlifting club for enough time to know she can trust coach DeLuca. 

 “Our first meet happened because Jaden Clapsadl came to me, wanting to go to actual meets, so I reached out to a couple of people in the area who knew what they were doing, and I organized our first meet,” Deluca said. “We went there with around five lifters and left with like five medals and a few trophies.”

The club meets in the weightlifting room (the past cafeteria kitchen) once a week after school. 

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