From School to Nationals: Powerlifting Club Achieves Success

A giant metal bar is bent, and heavy weights demolish the ground- student lifters are getting ready for a powerlifting competition.

The powerlifting club has succeeded this year, making it to the America High School National Championships in New Orleans. Their coach, Nick Deluca, finds this to be one of their best years.

“Many achievements were made within this year,” DeLuca said. “The school brought home tons of awards and hit a lot of PRs. They all supported each other and helped out.”

With nationals right around the corner, the team had to get ready to prepare. They honed techniques and further improved their basics.
“I helped make sure everything was organized and assured that we had a plan going into the meet,” said DeLuca. Prepping them for events and going over their schedule.

Sophomore Charlotte Rhoads achieved significant success this year, scoring 2nd place in the Girls Raw 69 Kg weight class at New Orleans.
“I was nervous the whole time,” said Rhoads, surprising her as she didn’t feel this way in previous competitions.

Junior Evan Allan had also made significant progress this year, scoring 2nd place in the Boys Raw 120+ Lbs weight class.
He’s had many memorable moments.
“…attending nationals and making new friends… it opens a new community to connect with, and I truly had a great time,” Allan said.

Junior Evan Allen placed second while deadlifting at the competition.
Photograph Courtesy of Nick DeLuca

Reaching this stage, the dedication of these students are students, this dedication will lead to higher goals in the future. “ I see us continuing to grow and getting even better over the next few years,” DeLuca said.

With the year coming to an end, DeLuca hopes the team remembers one thing.

“Stay committed, and good things will happen,” Deluca said.

The Powerlifting team poses for the yearbook.
Photograph Courtesy of Nick DeLuca
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