AMP Club Starting in 2021-22 School Year

Sophomores Alexa Viands and KC O’Neill have come together and created the AMP club for aspiring medical professionals.

For more information, contact Worley via email.
Image Courtesy of Alexa Viands

Starting next school year, AMP- Aspiring Medical Professionals- is geared towards those in the student body that have an interest in entering the medical field.

“KC and I created AMP because at SHS, opportunities for students seeking to go into the medical field are very limited,” said Viands. “We decided that we can help to prepare aspiring students for a future in medicine through learning hands-on skills, speaking to medical staff and sharing our medical passions.”

The club isn’t just for those who want to become doctors, but also for those interested in becoming EMTs, nurses, allied health professionals, etc. O’Neill and Viands found Biology teacher Elizabeth Worley to be the club’s adviser.

Before I became a teacher, I worked at a local hospital,” said Worley. “I am also a certified EMT. I was actively running on an ambulance and practicing medical skills. I am still certified and able to do those skills and have to take continuing education classes to maintain that certification.

After finding the right adviser, all that was left was pitching the club to Principal Molin, which was a success. 

Ever since the club has been approved, O’Neill and Viands have been working hard on promotional posters and recruiting possible future members of the club. 

“…Hopefully closer to the end of the year, we will be hosting a meeting for students to get an overview of the club,” said O’Neill. 

Future meeting ideas have already been planned out and established from a cardiovascular lesson to a blood drive fundraiser. 

“Meetings are never going to be the same with AMP. There is far too much to learn and try, so you should never expect a dull moment,” said Viands. “On some days, we will be meeting professionals from across the U.S. Some will be in surgery as we speak to them.

Pictured here is a suturing kit, a possible lesson from the club.
Image Courtesy of Alexa Viands

Other days will involve learning the basics of various anatomical subjects and applying them through hands-on skills such as learning CPR or how to stop a bleed.”

Overall, O’Neill and Viands are excited for the development of their club and hope that it can help students like them to learn and get a head start in their future careers.