PMEA Cancelled due to COVID-19

By Mackenzie Womack, Editor-in-Chief

Susquehannock was ready to host  117 students from 55 PA schools for the 2020 PMEA Central Region Orchestra Festival on March 12-14. 

The schedule was planned out, student helpers were ready, and the school knew what areas would be off limits during the event.

Pennsylvania Music Educators Association
(Photo Courtesy of PMEA)

However, due to COVID-19, the event was canceled the first day it began. 

This event will not be rescheduled due to state competitions approaching.

Even if there was a rescheduling option, students would not be able to get together and set something up due to the amount of people it will take for it all to happen again. 

Senior member Joe Binko had somber feelings on the cancellation of the event.

“Honestly, I was pretty depressed and bummed that this event got canceled, and it had to end like this. It was so crazy in the moment and finding out it was canceled. We were just getting started, and all of our hard work had to basically go to waste,” said Binko. “It was nice though to see hundreds of students at our school coming in and rehearsing. We can also always host this event again, but since I’m graduating this year, I won’t be able to be involved.”

For the seniors, it was hard to comprehend since this was their last chance due to them graduating. 

Binko is grateful for the hard work that everyone put in, in order to make it happen for as long as it did. 

“Dr. Levi did so much work for this event, and he worked tirelessly to get everything together. He was such a great host this year, and I hope he can host it again to see the end result of the concert,” said Binko. “Justin Miller put in a lot of hours helping Dr. Levi out and just getting everything to run smoothly.”

Students assisted Dr. Levi in order to make everything successful, even though the event did not take place.