Students Make Post-Graduation Plans

Students Make Post-Graduation Plans

As the school year is approaching a close, seniors are making their final decisions regarding their plans for the future. Reporter Peyton Brenneman spoke to some seniors about their plans for life after high school.

Photograph Courtesy of Ryan Pratt

Senior Ryan Pratt plans to go to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University after graduation. He will be majoring in political science in hopes to get a career in government work such as the FBI. Pratt chose this school because it is a historically black college or university (HBCU). “I knew that I would feel most comfortable surrounded by people who look like me,” Pratt said. One of Pratt’s biggest concerns about going to a college eight hours away is missing his family.

Photograph by Peyton Brenneman

Senior Faith Stauffer plans to go into the workforce directly after graduation. She has been working at Sevens Sports Bar & Grill for the past year and a half. Her position is a line cook. A typical shift consists arriving early to prep food and then cooking and preparing any food that comes in on her station. Although Stauffer enjoys the full time hours and flexible schedule, this is just a gap year job, so she can save up for college. She thinks that she might major in business and stay local with her choice of college.

Photograph Courtesy of Madelyn Czahor

Senior Madelyn Czahor is enlisting in the Navy in hopes to fulfill a career in emergency medicine. Czahor chose the armed forces because she really wants to make a difference for her country. “I am going to go and be an emergency medic” Czahor said. “I might just do that for a few years but stay in the Navy for the rest of the twenty and just transfer to a different realm of medicine, like a hospital.”

Photograph Courtesy of Madelynn Mussmacher

Senior Madelynn Mussmacher is staying local by going to York College of Pennsylvania. She will major in nursing and is planning to eventually specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. Mussmacher started this year off as a junior and decided the best option for her would be to graduate with the class of 2024. “I chose York college because it felt like home to me,” Mussmacher said. “Both of my siblings attended there.” She also plans to be a part of both the Dumbledore’s Army club and the Mental health club that the school offers.

Photograph by Peyton Brenneman

Senior Michael Reeb plans to go into the Navy for nuclear mechanics and engineering. After doing well on the ASVAB exam, recruiters pursued him and thought the Navy would be a great fit. Reeb found this to be a great option considering he didn’t have a specific plan for after high school. “This is a starting point,” Reeb said. “I plan to do about six years in this and then from there move on to something I can connect with.”

Photograph Courtesy of Julia Latko

Senior Julia Latko is headed to Shenandoah University, where she will double major in dance and criminology. Dancing is a passion that she has had for about sixteen years and hopes to pursue it after high school. Criminology has always been something that Latko has enjoyed as she likes learning about the human mind and the intentions behind people’s actions. Latko is really looking forward to heading off to college. “I think I am most looking forward to meeting new people and having new experiences,” Latko said.

Photograph Courtesy of Audrey Reeves

Senior Audrey Reeves is headed into the Army after graduation, specifically the mortuary field. The Army offers a Mortuary Affair Specialist position that she has been looking into. This is something that Reeves really got interested in once she got to high school. She decided that the armed forces would be a better option for her than college. “The Army will pay me to get that education because of that job and teach me the same things,” Reeves said. “My whole training is 17 weeks versus the 4-5 years it will take me through college.” She has signed a 4-year contract to the Army and plans to continue to reenlist if she enjoys her job.

Photograph Courtesy of Landon Harrison

Senior Landon Harrison is set to travel cross-country to attend the University of Southern California (USC). This is a school that Harrison has always wanted to go to since he was a little kid. He plans to major in either political science or journalism in hopes to become a lawyer. “I plan to be a lawyer and someday plan to have a future career in politics,” Harrison said “I like helping people, and I feel like, through law and political [focuses]… that’s the right way to do it.” He is most excited to be going to a school so close to the beach.

Photograph Courtesy of Taylor Blue

Senior Amina Torres is headed to the workforce for now. She is currently working at Walmart in Shrewsbury as a cashier. Torres is planning to take a gap year and plans to eventually go to college. She is considering going into the medical field and having a career such as an ultrasound technologist. Her plan over her gap year is to find what she is interested in and passionate about, so that she can start the process of pursuing that career.

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