Susky Unites to “END IT”

Image compilation by Stevie King

Stevie King

Image compilation by Stevie King

By Lizzy Beall and Brittany Boone

We have probably all heard it before.

In history class, it has been said that slavery was abolished in 1865.

The truth is, while it may have been abolished, it did not necessarily disappear.

If you knew that slavery still exists, would you want to do something about it?

Not only does it exist, it may be considered the greatest humanitarian crisis that we will face in our lifetime.

While the term slavery is used, it may not look the same as it used to.

Modern day slavery encompasses ideas from sex trafficking to the use of child soldiers and so much more.

While these types of systems not only exploit humanity, they are also  purely illegal.

According to CNN and The Washington Post, the statistics read that approximately 40 million people are held against their own will and live under modern day slavery.

Is that something, that as a generation who heavily supports freedom and liberation, we should be okay with?

That means that there are about 40 million people who cannot enjoy the simple freedoms that we may even take for granted.

Even within the freedoms that we enjoy, slavery and its systematic utilization can be involved.

Slavery is integrated and ingrained in our society in forms that we cannot possibly be aware of.

Sadly, this is incorporated in the world all around us including our homes, schools, or workplaces.

It could be the clothing we wear, the food we eat, or the products we use daily that we may never know were produced by the hands of someone in bondage.

As heartbreaking as that may be, it is a very true form of reality.

The sad reality is that while it is happening, some people are simply unaware of it.

Now that we are aware, it is important to know that there is something we can do to end it.

So, why does this matter? Why should we care? What can we, in the little town of Glen Rock, do about it?

Well, hopefully, you took notice to the red X’s on the hands of classmates, teachers, and celebrities on Thursday.

These were worn  due to Shine a Light on Slavery day annually recognized on February 22nd.

The people who drew on their hands understood that by doing so, they were showing their support to for the movement, saying that they are not blind to what is happening.

Shine A Light On Slavery Day is a part of what the End It Movement is doing to work towards putting an end to this crisis.  

The End It Movement is a coalition of organizations that are fighting for the freedom of human beings who are trapped and enslaved.

Simply, the Red Xs symbolize our awareness and by visiting donations, posters, and the pledge can be made for the good of the mission.

This can be our contribution, and still, the partners in this coalition are working in real time to save lives.

Some of their partners include World Relief, Polaris, The Salvation Army and more.

A few partners work physically on the field and in the streets of countries to help rescue those who are being exploited, while others may help in the form of donations and generating change.

They want the world to know what is happening to our fellow human beings, but they also want the world to know that there is something we can do about it.

Awareness is the first step to the plan because it can spark motivation.

Awareness is the catalyst to change.

We are all aware now, so it’s time to bring a change.

As a student, we must know that while the red marks on our hands may have faded, slavery is still present.

Although we may not have the equipment to do work on the field,the money to donate, or the full capacity to change how ingrained slavery is in our society,  we can still make a great difference by having compassion about the situation and showing our support where and when it is needed.

Next February 22 we can make a difference, but today or tomorrow, we can still spread the news and raise awareness if we want to see a change.