Student Pep: Where to Draw the Line

Photographed by Maggie Grim

By Maggie Grim, Reporter

January 22, 2020

At almost every boys basketball game the student section’s cheers get shut down.  Chants, such as booing, are common in a high school student section; however, these actions do not follow the code of fair play at Susquehannock High School.  In order to appease student enthusiasm and the admin...

‘1917’: The Best World War 1 Movie?

'1917': The Best World War 1 Movie?

By Jacob Derkosh, Reporter

January 16, 2020

When War movies come to mind, most people reference World War II, but that doesn’t mean that World War I can’t have its own good movies. “1917” is proof that WWI movies can be just as engaging, or even better. Directed by Sam Mendes, this movie’s plot was based on Mendes’ grandfather’s ...

Students Unwind with Netflix

Netflix show,

By Evelyn Weldon, Reporter

January 15, 2020

Students like to escape reality and unwind by binge watching Netflix shows.  After polling 20 random students, these are the top five recommended shows to start watching on Netlfix.  You  The most popular show was, “You.” Sophomore Lauren Simpson said, “The show is creepy and keeps...

Ben Simmons: Better to Trade than to Keep

Ben Simmons runs into his tunnel with fans cheering for him. Via @sixers on Instagram.

By Matthew Schwanke, Reporter

January 14, 2020

Nov. 20, 2019. Two seasons in the NBA- 172 games.  Zero for 17 on three-point shooting.  Ben Simmons would hit his first three-point shot during this game against the lowly New York Knicks.  The Wells Fargo Center burst into an eruption of screams, cheers and clapping. Simmons’s teammat...

Looking Back on the Decade

Michael Snyder (left)
Mateo Vega (right)
On top of the vending machine 
Photograph by Kai Fleming

By Kai Fleming, Reporter

January 13, 2020

Some of the crazy trends, games and challenges that shaped the last decade, such as planking, “The Cup Song,” the Ice Bucket Challenge and Minecraft, have created fond memories, while others have left society questioning its own logic. Planking Planking, according to Crazy Fads, is when a person...

Streaming Service Competition Grows

The core four streaming services that people are using.
Image courtesy of  Google

By Kaylee Martin, Reporter

January 10, 2020

The planned launch of Disney+ has ushered a whole new era for streaming services like Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu and many more who are now facing growing competition from major new players in the industry.  The total fee for all the streaming services, including Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, and Disney+,  ra...

A High Schooler’s Perspective of Disney World during the Holidays

A High Schooler’s Perspective of Disney World during the Holidays

By KC O'Neill, Reporter

January 10, 2020

Disney World is known as the most magical place on earth, but during the holidays it is very chaotic. According to Themed Entertainment Association and AECOM, Disney World, more specifically Magic Kingdom, was the world’s most-visited theme park as of 2018.           ...

‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ is One of a Kind

A picture of the whole cast at the Star Wars worldwide premiere. 

Picture via @starwars on Instagram

By Blake Ramey

January 9, 2020

Director J.J. Abrams took on the big role of ending the final trilogy of the Skywalker era and all the memories fans have carried for years.  Abrams gives the audience many beautiful cinematic views that left many in awe. The movie was everything many Star Wars fans older and younger could have ...

Bathroom Headache: Be the Solution

Students placed this trashcan in a toilet. Image Courtesy of: @suckfusky via Instagram

By Emily Polanowski, Editor-in-Chief

January 9, 2020

As many faculty and students know, the bathrooms at Susquehannock High School have become notorious for interesting events. Students have seen anything from a Chromebook in the toilet to full doors broken off their hinges, not to mention soap dispensers being punched off the walls There is a d...

Why Your NFL Team has No Chance at the Lombardi

Nick Bosa setting the edge in a regular season football game. 

via @NBCSNiners on Twitter

By Matthew Schwanke, Reporter

January 3, 2020

It is once again time for people all over the nation to root for their favorite NFL teams, watch them win in the playoffs, and see them hoist the Lombardi Trophy for their franchise. The problem is, for most of the fanatics watching their team, that only one team can win. This list will help you, the fa...

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