Girls Basketball Shoots for Success

Junior Erin Jackson sprints back during a drill in practice in early December. For our first game we had 3 to 4 weeks of practice which is preparation, Jackson said.
Photograph by Kendall Single
Junior Erin Jackson sprints back during a drill in practice in early December. “For our first game we had 3 to 4 weeks of practice which is preparation,” Jackson said. Photograph by Kendall Single
Kendall Single

After making it to the first round of states and having a record of 14-13 overall last season, the girls basketball team is ready to take the first steps to achieving their goals.

Third-year varsity coach Alexander Fancher wants the best for his team. He believes overcoming challenges and obstacles will bring out the best in the team.

“Overall, we are a younger team compared to the rest of the league, [but] I think that could also be a strength,” Fancher said. “Bringing in a lot of energy from the younger crew.”

Fancher has strong expectations for the girls this upcoming season, hoping each and every one of them puts in the time and effort he knows they can and has seen from them in previous years.

“The three expectations are work hard, be a good teammate, and have fun; you do those things, it will be a great year, regardless of what’s on the scoreboard,” Fancher said.

Fancher believes in all of his girls and their strengths.

“I can list 20 reasons why each player is going to make an impact on our team this year,” Fancher said.

The team’s bonding skills are one of the aspects that Fancher admires most. Fancher believes having a strong connection with everyone on the team gives support and guidance.

Briley Jones, Georgie Snyder, and Jaida Walls participate in drills and practice. Photograph by Kendall Single (Kendall Single )

“Every year we want to go in and have fun, and it’s the girls that make it fun,” Fancher said. “Some of our best moments are the bus ride, or we went laser tagging last year and go-karts as a reward for them.”

Junior Erin Jackson is excited for the upcoming season. Her strong bond with the team and its members inspires her to do better.

“I’m definitely looking forward to playing with new girls, like the freshman, but definitely the team chemistry itself,” Jackson said. “ Out of all my three sports, the best team chemistry is basketball.”

The team warms up to take on the new season. Photograph by Kendall Single (Kendall Single)

Fancher reminds the girls, “It’s important to look back on the previous season because there is a lot to learn from it.”

Junior Annie Laubach is ready to step up and lead the team. She hopes to teach and inspire the younger girls to reach their full potential. Overcoming competition is one of her main goals to accomplish, and the girls have a different main competitor.

“Our biggest competition would have to be York Suburban, but they are losing some good seniors,” Laubach said.

The first home game is against West York on Friday, Dec. 15, at 7:30 p.m.. Tickets are sold at the door for $2 for students.

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