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The Student News Website of Susquehannock High School,   Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

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Students Turn an Eye to Blind Spots

On Oct. 12 students in the driver’s education classes took part in a demonstration about the blind spots on tractor-trailers and how to safely drive around them on the roadways.

John McKown and Bill Bennett from Tforce Freight explain a demonstration for students in the Driver’s Education class about the blind spots for tractor trailers. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma.


John McKown from TForce Freight explains to students the dangers of blind spots of tractor-trailers. Tforce Freight is an American truckload carrier founded in Richmond, Virginia. The company was founded in 1935. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma.


McKown and Bennett use visuals on the trailer to show students where exactly the blind spots are for drivers of tractor trailers. The trailer they brought is used primarily for training and educational purposes. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma.


John McKown explains the perspective of a truck driver and how they see the roadway to students from the Driver’s Education class. A “blind spot” is an area where a driver cannot see. They explained that young drivers should always be sure to take blind spots into consideration when driving around tractor trailers on the roadway. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma.


McKown speaks to two students in the cab of the truck and explains how tractor-trailer drivers use the side-view mirrors. Each student from the Driver’s Education class was given the opportunity to sit in the cab so they could see things from the perspective of the truck driver. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma.


Bennett describes the numerous hazards on the road that can be a real danger for truck drivers. One of the most notable, according to Bennett, is when cars don’t leave enough space when applying the brakes because the tractor-trailer needs a much longer stopping-distance. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma.


As part of the presentation students were able to see up close a blown tractor-trailer tire. These tires weigh around 110 lbs. Driving on the road can be unpredictable, which is why tailgating tractor-trailers is so dangerous, a tire, like this, would cause some major damage to a car. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma.


Bennett explains to students that about six million accidents on major roadways happen every year. Six percent of those involve tractor-trailers. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma.


Drivers Education teacher Joe Sorice was pleased with the student engagement in the demonstration. “Everyone, especially new and rookie drivers, needs to be aware of the dangers of driving alongside tractor-trailers,” Sorice said. “The feedback I’ve received from my classes was very positive, I will absolutely bring John and Bill back again.” Photograph by Brennan Ledesma.


Sophomore Oscar Manchame was very impressed with the blind spot activity. “The demonstration was really entertaining and interesting because of how they talked about certain things like, what the blind spots of a truck are, how to drive around them, what the inside looks like; what a piece of a tire is on the road; and that sometimes you need to expect the unexpected in the road since you never know what can happen while you drive,” Manchame said. Photograph by Brennan Ledesma.


Sophomore Cameron Irvin was one of many students who enjoyed the presentation. “It was very insightful and meaningful. They described what potential threats exist if you stay in the blind spot of the truck driver,” Irvin said, “They also allowed students to enter the front cabin of the truck they brought in and even gave permission for some students to blow the horn.” Photograph by Brennan Ledesma.



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