Photo Story: Kick Cancer Week

Teacher Kevin Lawrence's:

Teacher Kevin Lawrence’s: “Miss, this means more homework” look.

Monday, May 29th kicked off Kick Cancer Week, a student council organized spirit week to raise money for cancer. On Monday, students were given revenge for this year’s homework and pop-quizzes during Dunk-a-Teacher-Day. Three teachers suffered through a slight breeze during lunches while students tried to drench them. Tuesday, students paid a dollar to wear hats in school for Hat Day, followed by Pie-a-Teacher Day on Wednesday. Student council sold Bonkies Ice Cream on Thursday before buses, and Friday was Color Day, ending with a pep rally. Students in each grade wore a different color, each supporting a different type of cancer. Then, at the end of the pep rally games, Chemistry teacher Kyle Jane had his head shaved in honor of all the money raised. Physical Education teacher Tony Sorice later shaved his mustache, and Social Studies teacher Bill Kerr shaved his head.

Social Studies teacher Matt Amberman puts on a tough face and prepares to be dunked!
Ready? Aim! Dunk! A student takes aim and gets ready to fire.
Amberman climbs out, only to get dunked in again…
Soaked! Amberman tries to climb out of the dunk tank.
Junior Jimmy Calhoun misses the target, but Amberman does not seem too upset.
Senior Rosanne Isang rocks a straw hat.
Juniors Tony Piermatteo, Heaven English, Jacob Castanera, and sophomore Ray Wattson celebrate Hat Day together at lunch.
Sophomores Anna Nelson and Ousha “Pikachu” Buablitz chose fun–and warm!–hats while Erin McNeal went with a stylish fedora.
Sophomore Brandon Morris looks dapper in a top hat while sophomore Allison Moltz wears a cute koala.
The weapon were whip cream pies for Pie a Teacher Day.
Social Studies Teacher Joe Dominick nudges away a pie using his chin!
Senior Jessica Amberman smashes  Dominick with a pie.
A student fires pie at Social Studies teacher Kevin Lawrence!
Another pie for Lawrence!
Lawrence’s: “Miss, this means more homework” look.
Uh ohhh… That may be stuck there for bit on Dominick.
Senior Karl Brunner lets Dominick have it!
A huge swarm of students line up in front of the concession stand for ice cream.
Chocolate please!
Members of student council serve ice cream to Kick Cancer.
Students line up for ice cream before going to buses.
Students serve Bonkies ice cream to others at the buses.
English teacher Sara Cieslewicz gets mummy-wrapped by physics teacher Brian Wingert and Chemistry teacher Jennifer Bonitz at the pep rally. Photo by Matt Mitzel.
They look sooo pretty! Students compete in a make-up competition at the pep rally.  Photo by Matt Mitzel
Students get blind-folded and ready to pop balloons at the pep rally. Photo by Matt Mitzel
Athletic director Chuck Abbott shakes it in Warrior gear for faculty musical medley. Photo by Matt Mitzel
Senior Jeannette Wilson gets ready to shave Chemistry Kyle Jane’s hair in front of the whole school. Photo by Matt Mitzel.
Jane’s head was only half shaved at the end of the pep rally! Photo by Matt Mitzel
Almost done! Junior Tim Wilson finishes shaving Chemistry teacher Kyle Jane’s head after the pep rally. Photo by Matt Mitzel
“Sons and daughters true and loyal…” The cheer squad sings the alma mater. Photo by Matt Mitzel
The drum line marches out at the end of the pep rally. Photo by Matt Mitzel