Bathroom Headache: Be the Solution

Curtis Clark

Students placed this trashcan in a toilet. Image Courtesy of: @suckfusky via Instagram

Students placed this trashcan in a toilet. Image Courtesy of: @suckfusky via Instagram

By Emily Polanowski, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As many faculty and students know, the bathrooms at Susquehannock High School have become notorious for interesting events.

Students have seen anything from a Chromebook in the toilet to full doors broken off their hinges, not to mention soap dispensers being punched off the walls

There is a debate regarding whether it is more common to find these events in the boys or girls bathroom.

Students, many times, have placed trashcans on top of the lights in the bathrooms. Image Courtesy of @suckfusky via Instagram

Senior Kaylah Garland is fed up.

“Look, I’ve been here for four years now, and from my point of view, these boys have got to stop,” said Garland. “I get that you all are just joking around and everything, but our staff are the ones that have to clean up your mess at the end of the day, so please be considerate of that.”

It has gone as far as many of the bathrooms being locked and the rest constantly being monitored. 

Junior Nia Johnson is not pleased with how the school has gotten to the point that teachers are monitoring the bathrooms heavily, feeling as though it is an invasion of her privacy. 

“It’s ridiculous that we have gotten to the point where we can’t even go to the bathroom without an adult being nearby or present,” said Johnson. “I just need to do my thing, and so does everyone else.”

Multiple students have speculated how the school could  fix it.

Junior Joshua Agnew doesn’t think there is a solution and that it’s up to the students to wake up and realize the harm they are doing.

“As a guy here at Susquehannock, it gets really frustrating when you have to explain to your teachers that it took you fifteen minutes to go to the bathroom because you had to hunt one down that was unlocked,” said Agnew. “At this point what else is there that we can do? There’s cameras, teachers, peers keeping an eye out, but there are so many walls within this due to privacy. All we really can do as a student body is just respect our staff and our school.”

After an interview with Principal Dr. Kevin Molin, the staff and faculty  are doing their best to help.

“First and foremost, as we always have, we investigate constantly to find out who is doing what each time. We have faculty that do go in and out of different bathrooms during period changes.” said Molin, “Also we as administrators trying to get out and about once in awhile to check on things as well. And so far [the misconduct] seems to be improving, so let’s hope that that continues.”

Broken sinks and soap dispensers are a common occurrence. Image Courtesy of @suckfusky via Instagram

In the end, our staff and faculty do a lot for us and this school, and for anyone to disrespect that and go out of their way to destroy our bathrooms is a sign that we have no unity.

“Much like when we say ‘See something, say something,’ I get that students don’t like the feeling of being watched over, but unfortunately it’s reality. If any student sees something, act on it, and let us know as soon as possible,” said Molin.

This is the home of the warriors, and students should respect their home.