A Sweet Homecoming Treat

By Emily Polanowski, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Students took a stroll down Sweet Street at homecoming on Saturday, Sept. 28. 

Emily Polanowski
Many students loved the lights and thought it was beneficial to keep the gym dark. Photograph by Emily Polanowski

With a new DJ, a candy bar and a raffle, 600 students attended. 

The spirit week prior to held a candy hunt, a movie night and the pep rally. 

Kellin McCullough, adviser of student council, thought that this year’s homecoming spirit week was successful. 

Mackenzie Womack
Senior cheerleader Carly Farmer flips in the air during the cheerleaders’ homecoming performance. “It was really fun preforming my last homecoming dance,” said Farmer. “The homecoming performance is always my favorite part of the season, so it being my last time, [it] was exciting and sad at the same time. I’m going to miss it.” Photograph by Mackenzie Womack
The candy hunt all week was extremely successful. There were about 600 students present that appeared to be having a lot of fun,” said McCullough.

There wasn’t any issues, such as sub-par music or too muchlighting, this year which really boosted student council’s excitement over the whole event. 

Junior Maggie Kinna heard some of the best reviews from students. “Student council

Emily Polanowski
Students dance under the flashing colored lights. Photograph by Emily Polanowski

had heard that this was the best homecoming yet,” said Kinna. 

After reviewing with 30 students, which consisted of all classes from freshmen to seniors, all agreed that this year’s homecoming was an extreme success. 

Senior Kaylah Garland enjoyed herself. “Homecoming was super fun,” said Garland. “It was beautiful for one, with all the lights, and the DJ played really good music. My friends and I are still talking about it, and it’s already been almost a week.” 

Some students found it as a good way to continue their weekend after the football loss, 14-7,  against West York.

Emily Polanowski
The lobby was decorated with bright candy colors and also had a photo wall. Photograph by Emily Polanowski

Junior Kayla Snedegar still enjoyed the team’s efforts.

“So, it was sad that we lost, because if we could only win one game, it would be the homecoming game,” said Snedgar. “When we didn’t get that satisfaction, it was slightly disappointing. But when we all got together at homecoming, it didn’t matter, we all just danced and had a great time, and I think it really showed how our school really does come together in the end and we just have this amazing vibe.”

In the end, the overall consensus of homecoming was extremely positive and can easily be called a success. 

“Thanks to everyone that came to the dance. All the proceeds will go back to the school to fund events and needs throughout our building,” said McCullough.