Recapping the NFL draft

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Recapping the NFL draft

The NFL draft. Photo taken by Instagram account nfldraft

The NFL draft. Photo taken by Instagram account nfldraft

The NFL draft. Photo taken by Instagram account nfldraft

The NFL draft. Photo taken by Instagram account nfldraft

Lucas Dimler, Reporter

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The NFl draft is over, and some teams made improvements- while some failed to impress.

According to Bleacher Report,  these are the teams that made the most improvements throughout the draft.

The Buffalo Bills made improvements on their defensive interior line with disruptor Ed Oliver.

This graphic focuses on defensive end Ed Oliver. Image courtesy of  nfldraft via Instagram

They also got a first round talent in Cody Ford which will help their offensive line out big time.

In the later round, the Bills foundsome playmakers with running back Devin Singletary and tight end Dawson Knox.

Also, the Chargers acquired some talented players by getting a dominant inside rusher Jerry Tillery which will be a great fit in between the Chargers star pass rushers Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram.

The 49ers did very well, picking up Nick Bosa in the first round, and he is looking like a candidate to crack double digit sacks.

The 49ers also picked up some receiver talent in the second round with Deebo Samuel who is quick, agile and a slot receiver.

The Broncos did an amazing job on the offensive end with receiving threat tight end Noah Fant in the first round.

The team also did a great job in second round by locking up offensive lineman Dalton Risner and future franchise quarterback Drew Lock.

Sophomore  Drew Mcaleer said that his thoughts on the draft were the Eagles winning it.

“The Eagles won the draft because they got some offensive talent to help score more touchdowns,” said Mcaleer.

Sophomore Tyler Evans also said his thoughts on the draft were the Browns winning it

“The Browns won the draft because they stacked up their defense drafting Greedy Williams in the second round,” said Evans

According to Washington, and my opinion is these are the teams that didn’t do that great in the draft.

The Giants made some head scratching picks especially in first round taking quarterback Daniel Jones because they took him way too early, and Jones most likely would have fell in the second round.

The biggest need the Giants had was a pass rusher, and the Giants did not address it at all in the draft.

The Packers made some risky picks taking pass rusher Rashan Gary is risky even though he is talented because his production in college doesn’t live up to the hype.

Then they traded to get the 21st pick and got safety Darnell Savage which is also a risky pick because they probably could have gotten him in the later rounds.

The team that had one of the worst drafts was the Atlanta Falcons because they needed to get offensive lineman.  they reached on both their picks for two offensive lineman that would have fell to them in the later rounds.