Girls Lacrosse Finishes Regular Season Strong

Mackenzie Womack, Reporter

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The Girls Lacrosse team holds a record of 5-8 as they make their way to the final run of their regular season.

The varsity squad poses for a team photo. Photograph Courtesy of Sydney Marusko

The Warriors had a four game winning streak, but they fell to the Central York Panthers on April 16.

The girls went into the Eastern game with a loss; the Knights went in with a loss as well.

The Warriors went into halftime with a 5-3 score as the Knights were in the lead.

Senior Kenna Hancock hugs freshman Sydney Marusko as freshman Addy Roeder follows behind. 
Photograph Courtesy of Sydney Marusko

Luckily, the girls managed to make a comeback and finish the game with a 10-7 win.

Freshman Addison Roeder is a starting midfielder for the varsity squad.

The leaders on the team make a big impact on the way the team performs at practices and games.

“The seniors are really good at encouraging one another and getting us excited for a game,” said Roeder. “When anyone messes up, they are really good at helping you rally back up instead of letting you fall down.”

This has played a big role during the season, especially when it is time to make a comeback near the end of the game.

The team on the field goes into their positions as they wait for the ball to be put into play. Photograph Courtesy of Sydney Marusko

Senior attack Kenna Hancock has been aware of the growth throughout the season.

This whole season has been about growing, for me personally and as a team; our record shows that, but we have changed so much from the first game to now,” said Hancock. “I have a lot of confidence in the team that we can make a run in postseason.”

The team has the ability to move into the postseason if they continue to work hard.  

Sophomore Kathryn Burke is one of the varsity players learning from coach Kristin Johnson, as she coaches her first season as the head coach.

“The new coaching staff has been very helpful to our team this year. Coach K was an assistant coach last year, so most of our team already knew her,” said Burke. “She and Coach Murphy bring a positive energy to the team and make sure everyone knows they have a place on our team.”

The coaching staff always pushes the girls to do their best to be able to pull off a win.

The girls next game is 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 30 at Susquehannock against the Dover Eagles.