What’s Up with Susky’s Bathrooms?

A (not so) Investigative Look into Susky’s Greatest Mystery

Now more than ever, Susquehannock’s bathrooms are being destroyed.

From breaking soap bags to putting trash cans in the toilets to snapping off the stall doors, bathrooms around the school have been running the gauntlet.

So why are the students of Susquehannock destroying the bathrooms?

One reason could be the juvenile privilege of students.

After all, students know that they are not the ones who have to stay and clean up the mess they make, so they say screw it and wreak havoc.

Junior Sam Gardner believes it comes down to maturity.

“I think its a level of immaturity,” said Gardner. “I think that they don’t really care enough and that they’re immature and think that it’s funny.”

Students, however, aren’t realizing just how much damage their destruction costs.

Not only do janitors have to spend hours, time that could be spent cleaning classrooms, cleaning one or two bathrooms up, but they also have to use excessive amounts of supplies to fill the voids.

More and more money is going into making sure that the bathrooms have soap and toilet paper; money that could be used to buy more school supplies and curriculum for departments in dire need.

Sophomore Virginia Good wants students to understand all that the janitors do for the high school.

“I want people to be more respectful to the people who clean our bathrooms, and the supplies in our bathrooms,” said Good.

This school year, a new platform for students has appeared with the goal of highlighting these problems.

The instagram page @SuckFusky has been popular for the duration of the school year, and it has posted several videos and images taken by students showing destruction occurring in the bathrooms.

The owner of SuckFusky, who will remain anonymous, wants students to stop destroying the bathrooms.

“I just want to have moderately clean bathrooms that are at least useable,” said SuckFusky. “The only way I could imagine the bathrooms becoming cleaner is if the school had some sort of sign-in besides notepads in all the rooms. Most teachers don’t even make people sign out, so it’s impossible to tell who did what in there.”

When looking back on the destruction from previous years, Gardner notices that there’s been a negative change.

“I’d say worse just because the level of stuff going on is insane,” said Gardner. ”Like, physically breaking stalls and stuff like that.

In the new Think Tank class, a group of students are working to help make the bathrooms a cleaner place.

Member of Think Tank junior Harry Pecunes is planning a solution to the bathroom destruction.

“We are going to make a mural and put it on the wall, so students are less inclined to draw and write on it,” said Pecunes.