The New iPhone Leaks: What You Need to Know

Ian Achterberg, Reporter

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Three new iPhones are rumored to be announced on Sep. 12, 2018.

All of the leaks point towards updated versions of previous phones: the iPhone 9, a sequel to the iPhone 8; the iPhone XS, a more feature-enhanced upgrade to the iPhone X; and the iPhone XS Max, a plus-sized iPhone X.

Battery life seems to be a focus, as well as an upgrade to the storage and processor. Electronic Arts teacher Wade Bowers is looking forward to the new features.

“Although it will never happen, I would love to see a more powerful, longer lasting battery. Otherwise, I assume the camera will be updated, which might include an upgrade to the rear camera. I also heard they might drop the 3D touch, which would make me happy,” said Bowers.

Rumors point to Apple making attempts to answer their consumers’ hopes for new features.

Image by: Ian Achterberg

Junior Spencer Beran has faith in Apple’s system and is waiting for the release of the phones.

“Those rumors would not prevent me [from purchasing] because I know how Apple runs…I also decide which phone to get from the Keynote announcing all of their products, and they shut down all rumors and explain all statistics of the phones,” said Beran.

The second phone seems to be a better fit for all consumers, even current Android users are on the fence about switching.

The iPhone XS features many new changes and ideas that appeal to consumers.

Image by: Ian Achterberg

The upgrades to the camera seem promising, as Apple’s camera software will finally be able to compete with other brands like Samsung’s more advanced camera software.

The other features will please many, as Apple seems to be innovating past small upgrades for their new phones and creating newer, more functional additions.

Math teacher JC Lewis doesn’t feel that upgrades are always necessary,

“It would really depend on if there were some features on the new phone that I felt like were worth the price tag. It’s a combination of price versus functionality, and an upgrade of what I currently have,” said Lewis.

The iPhone XS Max is, simply put, a larger version of the iPhone XS.

There are a few enhancements: a bigger, higher resolution screen, 4GB of ram and a faster charger for the expanded battery. These new features to the phone might encourage some to purchase it, as the increased features enhance the experience.

Image by: Ian Achterberg

“It would definitely encourage me to switch to a new phone [about the XS and others] because…the best phones they come out with usually have something different from the cheaper versions, like the gold color, bigger, no home button, better camera and so on,” Beran said. “Since Apple has sort of this ‘Designer’ and high tech phones and I care so much about the stats and not just the color, I would go for the greatest so I am not regretting my choice for a year.”

This idea of a “designer” phone has inspired many people to purchase the greatest and latest phone, and the iPhone XS Max might continue this trend, despite the likely high price tag.

Look out for the Keynote presentation on Sep. 12 in order to find out if the rumors are true and if the new phones are worth it.

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