Orchestra Unites District

By Sam Timlin, Social Media Editor

SYCSD schools gathered in the high school for a district-wide orchestra concert on February 27.

Each school played two songs of their own and one final song altogether.

This year, the high school played “American Reel” by Kirt Mosier and “Danzon” from Fancy-Free by Leonard Bernstein.

The final song played by all schools was “Back in Black” by AC/DC.

Senior cellist Nell Pugliese believes the concert was lots of fun.

“I love listening to the younger kids play and watching them listen to us play because it really shows them what they can do if they decide to keep playing as long as we have,” said Pugliese.

When asked about how having the concert earlier this year than the last turned out, she thought it was for the better.

“It was definitely [a] less hectic feeling than it normally is because no one was scrambling to find time between the end of year activities and finals,” said Pugliese.

However, she also said that she missed that experience, as she views the district-wide concert as a good way to end the school year.

“… [It’s a] fun way to end the year and measure the progress that everyone has made, as well as a chance to play one last time with all of the people you’ve gotten to know over the year, and especially since  I‘m a senior I really miss that opportunity,” said Pugliese.

The District Orchestra Concert took place Tuesday, February 27 this year in the High School’s main gym, and many people came out to show their support. Photo by: Brittany Boone
Senior Lucas Sherman plays his violin as the full orchestra plays Back in Black by AC/DC. Photo by: Brittany Boone
The elementary school orchestra displays their talent during the District Orchestra Concert this past Tuesday. Photo by: Brittany Boone
For the final song of the District Orchestra Concert, all of the students played AC/DC’s Back in Black as a combined piece. Photo by: Brittany Boone
The High School Orchestra perform two songs at the District Orchestra Concert, both of which will be featured in their upcoming high school orchestra concert. Photo by: Brittany Boone
The middle school orchestra students were mainly dressed in orange and white and played two drama-oriented pieces for the District Orchestra Concert this past Tuesday. Photo by: Brittany Boone
Friends and family of orchestra students from Southern York County all crowd in the high school gymnasium for the annual District Orchestra Concert. Photo by: Brittany Boone
The students who are a part of Southern York County School Districts’s orchestra ensemble came together to perform for friends and family on Tuesday, February 27. Photo by: Brittany Boone
The Elementary school students are first to perform for the District concert. All of the levels were color coordinated and played their pieces in order of what grade they are in. Photo by: Brittany Boone
Elementary school students shows enthusiasm before the District Orchestra Concert begins Tuesday night. Photo by: Brittany Boone
The audience was made up of friends and families of students, and they showed their appreciation. Photo by: Brittany Boone