Top Five Helpful Techno-Gadgets For Students


The two styles of Alexa respondents.

By Emily Polanowski, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In the age of technology, students and staff alike love to get their hands on the latest and greatest tools that we can use.

Whether it is an app, website, or physical piece of technology, here are the top 5 technological tools for students.

Alexa– This small cylindrical device is good for around the house or in your room. Alexa is your intelligent personal assistant with all the answers to anyone’s demanding questions.For example, if a student would need a certain equation for geometry or a fun fact for their presentation.  With a review of 4.5 stars, it is bound to help just about anyone. For more information, click here. website formats anything. From presentations, posters, pamphlets and character creation, has the ability to help with many different types of assignments. Through the website, anyone can still access the student’s documents and files.


Quizlet-This can also be accessed through an app, and it helps with everything to do with vocabulary. This studying tool can come in many forms, such as tests, flashcards, and even small mini-games. Their goal as a company is to help students find their perfect way of studying and learning new information since everyone prefers something different. For anyone visual, they can just add pictures, and anyone who needs a more hands-on experience, they can print any of their work done, including their flashcards.


Prezi.comThis website consists of some of the best presentation software available for students and staff. Great for almost any class, Prezi gives users a variety of options and themes to choose from. The freedom and independent software is great for any student. If anyone had any issues or recommendations, they can contact the company through their HELP department.– Befunky is a photo editor that can access any files or documents. With 10+ varieties of effects and editing styles, it is good for many different themes. Befunky can edit graphs, profiles, informational photos, and so much more.