‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside…’


On January 6 2018 the entire country was experiencing record low wind chills. Photo by: The Weather Channel

By Julia Kelbaugh, Reporter

Over the past few weeks, a cold front has sat over the whole northern half of the country, keeping temperatures below freezing.

Unfortunately, there is not much of an end in sight, with this only being the beginning of a long winter season ahead.

The Weather Channel has reports of how these bitter cold days may not be the most frigid days of winter yet.

At Susquehannock, when the temperature drops, administrators like superintendent Dr. Sandra Lemmon have tough decisions to make about whether or not school should start on time.

“This is probably one of the hardest decisions that I make,” said Lemmon. “It is all based on weather forecast, and we certainly know that it changes, sometimes even by the minute.”

On Thursday, January 4, the school district closed due to the inclement weather and dropping temperatures, and had a scheduled two-hour delay on Friday January 5.

“In the morning, we actually begin at 4 a.m. checking to make sure if there is snow,” said Lemmon. “If it’s already started, it is easier, because we know we do not want to put our bus drivers or students in danger.”

The buses drive their routes early in the morning and report back to Lemmon about the condition of the roads.

Living in such a large school district, drivers have to make sure all of the roads are clear and safe.

Lemmon also talks with the local police and plowing or salting trucks to see what their plan is for clearing the roads.

Lemmon is confident in her decisions and always thinks of the safety of students first when making a call.

“The bottom line is safety,” said Lemmon. “I would rather air on the side of safety and not putting anyone in danger.”