Swim Team Starts New Season

By Emily Polanowski, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The girls and boys swim teams aim for growth and victory this new season.

Brian Wingert, the head coach of the girls and boys swim team, talks about what he expects from the team this year.

I want every swimmer to grow both physically and mentally through the season.  My goal is for them to always end the season faster than they started the season, obviously, but they should also show some personal growth either in the realm of sportsmanship, leadership, time management, or dedication,” said Wingert.

Coach Wingert estimated around 25% of the swim team this year is new to the sport.

Senior swimmer Holly Bull has enjoyed her swimming career so far.

“I joined the swim team my freshmen year, and then I continued swimming my sophomore and junior year, and this is my fourth year swimming,” said Bull. “I had no experience going into it my freshmen year, I don’t know why I decided to join the swim team, but I did know how to swim, so I tried it.”

The team works well together and has a very good support system, Freshman swimmer Kelsey Custer mentions her views on the team.

“We encourage each other a lot, and I’ve heard that during meets it’s all screaming and cheering me [on], which feels really good,” said Custer. 

Anyone and everyone is welcome on the team with open arms.

Coach Wingert expresses his views on newcomers and the benefits of joining.

“I would encourage everyone to join the swim team! I would look for a willingness to work hard and take criticism.  Prior swimming experience/ability is not required, well, as long as I don’t have to worry about you drowning.  I can teach technique and build endurance in someone who is willing to put in the time,” said Wingert.

The swim team over the years has been admired for it’s hard work and dedication to the sport.

“I want our league reputation for sportsmanship and “fun” to continue.  In the past we have been frequently complimented by other coaches and officials on the positive behavior, welcoming environment, and respectfulness of our athletes, and that they genuinely seem to be enjoying themselves, regardless of the score,” said Wingert.