Vega to Run in Australia

By Julia Kelbaugh , Reporter

Vega socializing in high school parking lot before daily after school run. He runs the track or the course around the school almost everyday after school in preparation for his upcoming track season and to participate in the Down Under Sports Tournaments hosted on the Gold Coast of Australia. Photo by: Ethan Schammel
Mateo’s fundraiser flyer with information on the event and donation options. Photo by: Ethan Schammel
The sandwich menu Vega constructed to help raise money for his cause. Photo by: Ethan Schammel

Imagine the exhilaration of running in a race, and on top of that, running through the beautiful landscapes of Australia.

This could be reality for sophomore Mateo Vega, as he was asked to run in Australia by the Down Under Sports organization because of his successful running career.  He is persistently trying to raise funds for the trip.

  “So they sent in a letter saying, ‘hey we want you to come and run in Australia,’ and I said, ‘sure,’” said Vega.  “And, currently, I am selling sandwiches and shirts, and I am also running a GoFundMe page,” said Vega.

Vega was able to receive this honor because for the past two years, he has been a vital asset to Susky’s cross country team and track and field team.

He has gone to almost every invitational and is their number three runner.

“I love running,” said Vega. “So that’s been motivating me to put in so much work, and I was recommended (by coach Jim Lebo) for it.”

Senior Erik Younkin is a close teammate of Vega and was given a letter to go to Australia as well, and believes Vega will reach his goal, even with a 4700 dollar bump in the road.

“Definitely, once he has an idea in his head and when he gets the idea in his head, he just sticks to it until it is done,” said Younkin.

Younkin feels that Vega always brings a unique point of view to the team.

“He is a lot of fun to have on the team. He makes the worst practices very interesting, just because of his very odd and fun personality,” said Younkin. “And he is one of the best competitors on the team.”