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Susky Students Plan for Summer

Abby Deter, Reporter

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The idea of what to do during summer vacation is what fills every student’s mind during the last few weeks of school. Some students are planning to just relax and hang out with friends while others have plans to travel the world and see amazing things. 


Kylie Taylor

Photo by: Abby Deter                                         Kylie Taylor


“I will be dancing and going on vacation with Kelsey McCullough, going to the beach, and I am super excited!” Junior Kylie Taylor


Kelsey McCullough is excited for summer.

Photo by: Abby Deter
Kelsey McCullough

“I am going to Arizona, Mexico, Tennessee, I am going to the Young Life Camp, my best friend Kylie Taylor and I are going to hang out every single day and have fun. We are going to go camping, and we are going to do fun stuff!” Junior Kelsey McCullough


“I am going to the beach and will be playing soccer and basketball and going to soccer and basketball camps.” Sophomore Maddie Stone


“Over the summer, I am going to be playing a lot of soccer and going to the beach a couple of times.” Sophomore Taylor Tannura


Yulia Houseal is ready to start working towards senior year.

Photo by: Abby Deter
Yulia Houseal is ready to start working towards senior year.

“My plans for the summer are to finish my applications for college and just travel around a little bit and hang out with friends.” Junior Yulia Houseal


“I am going to be working all summer and making a lot of money so that I am not in perpetual debt for the rest of my school career.” Sophomore Taylor Stenley


“I am going to Las Vegas California. I am going camping there with my grandparents and brothers. I am not entirely sure when I am going, but I think it is sometime in late June.” Junior Emily Snyder


“The first thing that I am doing is that I am going on a mission trip with the Stewartstown Methodist Church. We are going to Chattanooga and Nashville in Tennessee where we will be building houses in poor communities which is pretty cool. As soon as I get back from that I will be going straight to Ocean City for a week, and then I will probably hang out with friends for the rest of the summer.” Junior Michael Koval

“I am going to work over the summer and hopefully, do college visits to the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech and go on vacation in Georgia to visit family and hopefully go to the beach and have fun.” Junior Ashton Gibson

“Over the summer, I am actually doing a Young Life internship… so I am doing that, and I am working at Camp Cod Lake for like a month so that’s cool.” Senior Hailey Villa

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Susky Students Plan for Summer