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How to Get Through a Rough Winter

Mitchell Green, Reporter

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Don’t lie to yourself anymore. You don’t like frigid temperatures, dark skies, your car getting stuck in the snow or salt rocks hitting your eyeballs and blinding you any more than the rest of humanity does, so let’s grab a cup of honest tea, and start sippin’… winter sucks.

Cars are trapped in the snow. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

If you’re cooped up indoors this season, suggests you make the best of it by eating your feelings having some fun in the kitchen and making some delicious holiday-themed foods. Using ingredients that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, good carbohydrates, protein and B vitamins to make some classic comfort foods will surely boost your mood and get you feeling great in no time.

A wicker bowl taunts with its delicious holiday themed cookies. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Once your thighs are as wide as a bus, you can shed all that weight off by doing some super fun indoor exercises. If you have a treadmill or exercise bike, or even some exercise DVD’s, give yourself some incentive to keep up with them by rewarding yourself with a small treat afterwards.

Another handy tip involves getting together with some friends to brave the storm. Then you’ll be able to stay in, enjoy some hot cocoa, and sucker them into helping you shovel your driveway with some much-needed company.

As long as the conditions outside are safe, instead of moping around being grumpy, you can embrace the season and try to enjoy the snow the best you can. You could try ice skating, sledding, going to a local ski resort, and so many other winter activities.

If winter just isn’t your thing, you and maybe a couple of friends can plan a short getaway to escape the weather and go some place warmer. There are plenty of beaches along the East coast that have a year-round tourist season, and although you might not want to go in the water, you can still relax knowing that you don’t have to shovel away eleven tons of snow just to get to your car.

If you still find yourself a bit under the weather after trying these tips, just remember that winter doesn’t last forever (depending on where you live), and the warmer climate of spring is just around the corner. And if that doesn’t comfort you, supposedly global warming will eradicate winter completely, all around the world. Happy sledding!

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How to Get Through a Rough Winter